Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to ...

ME!!! :D

I am 36 today.
To tell you the truth, I dont feel that old (despite the sniffles and menstrual cramps)(or perhaps maybe because of the sniffles and menstrual cramps, afflictions I often associated with the young. I dont know where I got the idea that when you get older you'd outgrow colds and cramps.)(aaaanywayyys)
I do feel more matured in ways though. (Perhaps having 4 kids around me helps). Like i think things through before reacting, more often than I used to when I was younger.
My fiery temper is still as heated as ever though.. don't know when that will cool down... *sigh*

This year I got more presents than previous years. A cookbook (thanx Mdm Y!), 2 storybooks (Thanx Famygirl!), 2 'E' pendants (Thanx Auntie Shireen+Mimi and Dolly!).
But the best came in a long box. No prizes for guessing who it was from and what it was.
All I can say is, "Tee hee!" :D

I'm now off to bake myself a chocolate fudge cake with my new fire engine red kenw00d mixer!

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