Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Love in the Time of Fever

I do not know what's wrong with my kids.
Last week Ihsan caught some kinda bug that made him feverish.
Over the weekend he got better, and he went to school on saturday albeit witha bit of a cough, but then Anis didnt coz then she was feverish. On Sunday, Ihsan's cough got worse, so he was kept from school, and I had him and Anis at home. Yesterday only Ihsan was at home nursing a cough, Anis and Ilham went to school.
Today everyone went to school, and I thought, *phew*, at last! I did not have to cook lunch for anyone! But at 10am Taufik had to go pick Ilham up from school and bring him home, coz he was sick.

So for the past four days, I have had at least one child home with me (on top of Izani).
I thought Ramadhan would give me a respite from having to think about what to cook for lunch, but I guessed wrong.

I have been cooking all sorts of porridge for the past few days. Chicken rice porridge, Plain porridge sprinkled with ikan bilis (fired and then ground), Chicken soup with rice, Chicken soup with oats...
I told Ilham we have some leftover white rice with beef curry so that's what he's going to have for lunch, coz I'm done making porridge. I had had a craving for bubur lambuk (creamy savoury rice porridge with lotsa stuff thrown in) earlier in the week, but now I'm just sick of gooey rice.
(by the way, kak teh's recipe for bubur lambuk looks so yummeh!)

On top of cooking lunch, I also have to keep track of who's taking what medicine and when. That's a blessing though, coz looking at all those bitter smelling medicines makes me lose my appetite, an advantage when you're fasting and have been looking at pictures of lemon zested drinks, assortments of delectable looking cakes and a myriad of lauks.
tee hee.

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm complaining. I'm actually not.
I love that I have company.
At least someone can play with Izani while I blog do housework.
tee hee.


  1. jaga diri dan anak2 baik2...

    take care...

  2. Oh penatnya bila anak-anak penat. funny pulak title ni. kena kena aje dengan buku yang baru di baca.

  3. Terimakasih, maklang!
    haritu elisa masak ikan goreng berlado, tapi tak letak belacan.. hu hu menjadikkkk!! :D

    lolls, heh heh memang lah sengaja :)
    weh so cik abang hadiah apa harini? ;)

  4. eh salah tulislah saya. penatnya jaga anak anak demam. cik abang kasi hadiah flash camera. inilah yang saya rengekkan berbulan bulan lamanya.

  5. Aww..poor kids. Give them my hugs and kisses.

  6. lollies, eh, what happened to your flash yang haritu?
    I tengah save up duit nak beli SLR camera gak nih.. ;)

    Papa, unfortunately, today all four of them are not going to school!! :(
    Hugs and kisses delivered and they say thankyou :)

  7. dulu mana ada flash. camera dulu built in. tak power. ni beli flash yang kena attache to the camera tu

  8. oh .. ha ah yerk.. I remember you complaining about it masa ambik gambar ramai2 on your sofa.
    So yay!! lepas ni boleh ambik gambar power.

  9. my children also somehow suddenly found themselves losing their voices without having selsema, batuk or demam.

    after this new flash, lollies can make everybody as fair as snow white in her photos, hehehe