Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the fast and the blog

I've done some sprucing up here in the last few days.

I have added blogrolling for my links (Thanx mamarawks!)
I have added a blidget for Pearl Jam news. (which I think, is *so* cool!!)

Havent gotten around to updating logos and layouts (I wish my post column is wider).. will do that later later lah.

Been doing the rounds and spreading the lurrrvvve.
I am starting to feel at home :)

Oh by the way, if I have missed you in my links, please do drop me a note with your url. Then I'll add you in my links.
Since efx2 is down, I've lost some of my links.. :(

Last but not least,
Ramadhan Kareem to all who are observing the fasting month the next 28-30 days!!
(I'll try not to post any food pictures.. but I cannot promise that I wont!)


  1. Elisa, selamat berpuasa to you and yours. And keep well.

  2. nampak makin comfortable di sini. heh heh

  3. foodie post is ok memberi ilham untuk berbuka but no pic please.. nyeh nyeh nyeh..

  4. kak teh, and the same wishes to you :)

    lolls, lepas ni nak import old posts that I have backed up.. hopefully I have time for that. Lepas tu baru nak godek the logo.. ;)

    mamarawks, tapi foodie posts without pics tak rock lah..

  5. eh kenalah ada gambar. nanti tak boleh bayang apakah makanan itu. pastu macamana nak try? hahahahhaa

  6. ye jugak ehh?? tak h0rny tgk recipes without pic..
    by the way.. welcoming your easy peasy recipes.. what about kuih raya??

  7. lolls, betulllllll!!! And without reference, you wouldn't know whether yours turned out right or not, kan?

    mamarawks, this year I'm going to try to make cookies. Last year I didnt make any, just rice krispy treats. A friend gave me a chef wan cookie recipe .. macam easy peaasy aje..
    See first lah how.

  8. aziah4:30 AM

    Hello Elisa,

    It's been more than a year i've been reading you - i remember last ramadhan you promised not to post anything on food (but my memory so teruk i can't recalled whether you did post it or not.) Anyways, i've always enjoyed reading your blog. Thank God i finally found you - i knew something's wrong with efx2 but i just don't know where to find you. Your comment at your dad's blog led me to your new site.

  9. eh, dah ada red thingy sexy tu kenalah cuba cookies lepas tu kasik post itu gambar!!! on second thots withut read thingy tu pun boleh jugak nak buat cookies sebab selalu tu ramas pakai tangan jer tak? hehehee macam lah i pernah buat!

  10. moshimoshi6:37 AM

    what is blogrolling service? i feel so not in the know, hehehe.

  11. Thankyou aziah, for being a loyal reader :) It makes me feel so welcomed :)
    I dont remember if I had posted anythong on food last ramadhan either. I might have not, since Izani was quite a handful then (and still is).

    Onee, sexy red thingy or not, I always choose recipes that are easy peasy :D

    Mosh check out www.blogrolling.com!