Monday, September 17, 2007

Love in the Time of Cholera

As with other works by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I found the book hard to read at first. It took me 3 tries over a period of a few months to read, re-read and finish just the first 10 pages. But after that, the book was a joy to read.
Marquez has this way of weaving his stories in such a way that it seems seamless, and that makes it really difficult to put down (coz I wouldnt know where to put my bookmark). Once I got past the first 10 pages though, I finished the book within 5 days, reading it before bedtime and in between housework.
I found this 'love story' to be romantic yet vulgar, corny yet real, funny yet sad, outrageous yet down to earth , extremely entertaining and slightly confusing.
There were times when I wanted to strangle the protagonist (Florentina) for his idiotic persistence in pursuing his love, but there are times when I understood his obsession. The love shared between married couples potrayed in the story really touched my heart, especially the emotions felt when you lose a loved one.
I was a little put off by an obvious pa3dophiliac incident towards the end of the book and I am thankful that Marquez did not linger longer on that subject.
In between depressing lamentations of pining for love, there were very comedic bits that got me guffawing out loud. Like, what's with the pacifier?
I didn't really fancy the ending though. Too .. fairytale like.
I could definitely see this book being made into a movie. I'm sure Hollywood would revell in showing off the nude scenes.

*goes off to search imdb*

oh, guess what?
The movie is actually in production!!
Javier Bardem is playing Florentino and Benjamin Bratt is playing Dr. Juvenal Urbino and John Leguizamo is Lorenzo Daza.
ooooh yumminess!
Though I would've imagined it the other way round since Benjamin Bratt is sorta thin, and wasnt Dr. Juvenal kinda stout?
aaanyways. This would be interesting indeed...


  1. For a person like me who doesn't usually enjoy novella, love stories in particular, do you think it's still worth an effort on my part? Just wondering before I consider whether or not to read this one. :)

  2. For numerous times I had hold the books by the same author but in the end the apprehensiveness won so I never get to read his books...dory or Lollies pun pernah baca buku ni kalau tak silap - there's this Spain ambassador kat malays1a who loves to read the author's books - I read it in Quill few months back - ya lah the author pun of the same nationality.

    I have 3 books to make reviews pun tak tulis2 lagi ni..
    - the road to mecca by muhammad asad
    - cleopatra and her asp by margaret simpson
    - the veiled kingdom by carmen bin ladin

  3. Hi Elisa,
    Sooo happy to find you here...

  4. Blabs, have you read Gabriela Garcia Marquez before? Some people (me) find him very difficult to read because of his rambling prose and fantastical illusions, but if you want to start reading him, I would recommend reading this one to start, coz this one is less mind boggling than his other works.
    It's not mills and boons for sure.
    I'm not familiar with your tastes (kena pore through your posts to find out, eh? ;) ), so I can't really tell.

    Onee, as I told blabs, reading Marquez can be quite daunting, but this book would be a good introduction to his style. I think you would like this book. The main female character is strong, just like you usually like :)

    Makcik butterflutter!!, hee hee I will link you! :)