Thursday, September 13, 2007

First 3 words

This cheeky little boy.

This picture was taken at Floria, Putrajaya.
Floria is a flower festival held once a year in malaysia. It's usually held at the end of August to coincide with our independence day.
It has flower arrangement exhibitions and also landscaping exhibition. This was the landscaping exhibition done by the federal territory of labuan. It wasnt particularly stunning, but the background included one of the futuristic looking bridges in Putrajaya.
It was raining and we had Izani put on his hat and this was one of the few moments he had kept it on.

Izani has started using 3 words in context.

Which is what he calls Taufik, my husband, his father. I am jealous, but yes, this is his first word.
Everytime he hears the doorbell and the front door open and close, he'd run to the top of the stairs and yell down "Ayaaaaahhhhhh!!!!". Even if it is not his father at the door.
Whenever he is excited, he'd call out "Ayahhh!!" and point to whatever excites him.
Whenever he's bored, he'd call out "Ayahhh???" and expects someone, anyone to respond.
Whenever he's scared, he'd scream out "Ayahhh...!" and asks to be rescued.
SOmetimes he'd say "Ayah" but comes to me.
I guess that word represents an authority figure that will make everything in his world all right. And he is not far from the truth :)

Is it a suprise that his second word is "No"?
He uses this word in almost every opportunate moment.
When I take off his clothes for a bath. When I say it's time to get out of the bath. When I want to put his diapers on. When I'm trying to feed him his porridge.
And he says it with a weird teletubby-commentator accent. More like an elongated "Nnnoe" than a "No".

Ilham taught him this word.
The first time I heard it, we were wathcing something on TV and he pointed at the screen (I can't remember what it was) and he said "Wow!".
He says this everytime he sees something exciting or different. Or when he sees animals on TV.
Now I use it to distract him. Like when he instists on playing with the stick shift in the car, I hold him up to the window and point to things and say "wow" and he'd say "wow" and forget about the stick shift. For a while.

Do you remember your children's first words?
Ilham's and Ihsan's were "car". Anis's was .. hm.. I think it was "cat".
None of them learnt to say "Bonda" till they were a little older. I've been called "Bobo", "Bomba", "Dede" .. but it took a while to be called "Bonda". And now they can't stop calling me.


I just remembered that I had made a back-up of my posts on efx2 last june (thanx PB). So I am starting to post them here one by one. If you are getting numerous alerts, you can ignore them. Or if you choose too, you can also read them :) You are more than welcomed to read my old posts. :D


  1. my mom said i called her 'abbhooo' when i was vewwy vewwy little.. instead of ibu. hik!

  2. tee hee.. so cute, intan!! :)

  3. Imagine this... Izani wakes up in the middle of the night and then he sees you with Taufik and then he screams:

    "Wow!" "Ayahhhhh!" "Nooo!"

    So, what is happening in the bedroom?
    tee hee hee...


  4. You are a very naughty bear!

  5. camana nak letak blogroll tu?? minat pulak!

  6. LOL on bear's comment..

    by the way i still remember nisa's first word.. AIR..

  7. poor thing.. hahah use Xanga use Xanga!! heheheh
    oh, and in case u lost my link..

  8. maklang, boleh pegi dan abca instructions dia. Mudah aje sebenarnya.

    mamarawks, AIR as in ayer or udara?
    dia kuat minum air kot? tee hee

    mimi, your url mesti ingat punyalah.. I'm subscribed to you via email.

  9. samalah kat sini. semua sebut ayah dulu. nak sebut ibu pun susah. tapik i tak kesah. bagus gak dia kata ayah jack nak poo poo. selamaaatttt

  10. takpe ke? anak i baru sorang tapi i lupa apa first word dia ** roll eyes

    yeah but my son pandai sebut dad dulu.... followed by tuk pah etc etc etc etc etc etc then, baruuulah ma-mei

  11. moshimoshi4:27 AM

    yeay! ayah rules! i think both of my daughters also called ayah first before mama, even when the actual person that they were wailing for was the mama, hehehe.

  12. Layth pun sama. Duk panggil baba baba baba baba. Ada la juga keluar mamam mamam mamam and meeeem meeem meeem. Trying to say Ummi kot. (consoling myself) hahah!

    kan best kalau dapat tengok video izani cakap wow wow. mesti cute!

  13. the Jr's first word was.."moommm". repeat and repeat and i was like..soo kembang. the later once or twice i heard "moommm...mie" assured me kembanger. then later he started to call his dad "taaayd" instead of dad.

    eh u know, actually i was thinking to post an update about his latest "word" i discovered lately. okkeh nnti i post.

  14. Hmm.. apsal ayah/abah dulu eh? Sebut 'Bu', 'Ma' susah kot? hihihi

    Both my kids called 'Bah' first. Then 'Bu' pastu 'Nek'. heh.