Monday, May 31, 2004

Ilham's Party

Ilham's party was a blast!
I cooked pasta in cream sauce (which was lapped up by kids and adults alike ), my mom helped me fry some kuey teow (flat noodles). My eldest suster brought Durians and glutinous rice and coconut milk (heavenly together!)
and my brother brought fruits.
The SpongeBobSquarePants cake was so cute!! My friend Marina stuck breadsticks to make the arms and legs. I broke the legs when I was transporting the cake, but I managed to stuck them back on , but now they were shorter than the original.. LOL
But the kids didnt care, because it was SPONGEBOB!! They've never seen anything like it and they were very impressed and Ilham felt so special so that's all that matters .. :)

I blew up the inflatable kiddie pool. I had wanted to fill it up with water and play Bobing for apples but considering some kids forgot to bring a change of clothes and towels , and judging from the horiffic expression on my siblings' faces when they saw the kiddie pool , I decided to cancel it. (hey, i did tell them it was a Bikini Bottom Birthday Bash ... *duh*)
So I brought out the fishing poles and fishies with magnets on them and threw them into the dry pool and the kids had fun 'fishing'. Some of the cheeky ones (like my kids) jumped inside the pool to make sure they got fish.. Thank god I didnt fill the pool up!
We also played cartoon charades -- i gave them cartoon characters and they have to act them out and the adults have to guess. It was so funny when Ilham tried to act out 'Gary the Snail' and Ihsan did 'Samurai Jack' and his father got it straight away.
Adam tried to do the donkey from Shrek but he chose to act out a scene from Shrek2 which only a few of the adults saw so people were like confused for a while..
The party was running a bit late, so it ended up being an F1 party coz the race in Germany started at 8pm and folks stuck around for dinner watching Ralf Schumacher's car get thrown out (again) and Raikonnen's car fail him (again).

Anyways, everyone went home around 9 , and we cleaned up, and went to bed by 10 or 11ish i cant remember coz it was all a blurrrrr...

Brought leftover cake to the office today. yum yum yum !!

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