Thursday, May 13, 2004

Segitiga - Cokelat

(literally translated as Triangle, by Chocolate)

This was the song I was listening to the other day. I didnt know what it was called then.
So I went out and bought my self a compilation of Indonesian Hits, not knowing what would be in it.
I am not dissapointed! *smile*

It also has another cool song: Rahasia Perempuan (A woman's secret) by Ari Lasso .
Though i think if i translate the lyrics, it'll sound like an english/american song..

A woman's secret by Ari Lasso
-------------------- ---------------
There's a part of a woman
That is so sensitive to touch
when it is touched by a man.
Where is that part,
do you want to know?
Cos that part
is only for a matured man
coz that part
is very 'deadly'
for women
who are in love.
where is that part,
do you want to know?

Touch her right
at her heart
and she'll be yours
Touch it
with sincere love
make her heart soar.
Touch her heart
very carefully
when you mention
her heart
coz this part
is deadly
very deadly
for women in love
where is that part
do you want to know?

-------------------- -----------

Does that sound familiar to you?
What english/american song is that?

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