Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Mood: better Playing: Don't know the name of this song.. it's Indonesian

Okay, so today was a bit better.
I had cream cheese on toast for breakfast. Drank my skyfruit fibre drink and lotsa water.
Towards noon I started feeling a bit dizzy and woozy but not enough to make me puke. Took my medicine.
During lunch managed to eat only a quarter bowl of curry noodles but managed to finish my mango juice, and a strawberry ice blend after. Since I already had the icy-cold strawberry drink, didnt think I should get myself a soft serve.
Took a nap after lunch and actually felt better!
Even managed to successfully and coherently troubleshoot a problem and solve it! *woo hoo*
I hope this lasts.
okay gonna get off and go pick up my kids now.
Ta ta for now!

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