Monday, May 17, 2004

Show & tell

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Sunday morning I got a call from my sister who asked me if I knew the kids were supposed to bring pets to school for show and tell on monday.
She's panicking coz she's got a cat and Aiysha (her daughter) is insisting they bring Snowy to school coz Masha (Aiysha's best friend/competitor)(i snt it disturbing that we see this weird girl-friend/enemy dynamics in pre-school) .. anyway, where was I?
oh yes, Aiysha insists on bringing the cat because Masha is going to bring her hamsters.
My sister is afraid that the cat would eat the hamsters.
I was assigned the task to ascertain whether Aiysha was telling the truth about the show&tell at school.
So I went to Ilham&Ihsan.
Me:"Ilham&Ihsan, do you have any homework?"
Me:"Are you supposed to bring anything to school on Monday?"
Ilham:"No. eh.. Yes. Teacher Imah said we should bring our pet to school but Bonda, I don't have a pet"
Ihsan:"Bonda, at school, Teacher Imah asked whether we have any animals at home and I said we had Butterflies and lizards and roaches and flies and ants"
Me: *fainted in embarassment*


So Monday morning Ilham was complaining that he doesnt have a pet to bring to school.
So I told him, if Teacher Imah asked him, to hold out his hand and introduce her to Mr. Plankton (SpongBobSquarePants is Ilham's latest craze)
That made him giggle.
Ihsan wanted a pet as well, and since he had a sore throat, I told him to cough in his hand and introduce Mr.Virus
Anything to make them go to school.

Ilham came back from school and had this to report:

Ilham: "Bonda, I showed Mr.Plankton to Teacher Imah today"
Me: *uh-oh* "Oh really??? And what did she say?"
Ilham:"She said, ohhhh very nice..." (Imitating his teacher's voice and tone)

ThankGod for wacky boys.

Aiysha didnt bring her cat and she complained to her mom that masha brought hamsters to school.
(Aiysha hangs out at my house after school so I get privy to her life)
I bought her a pair of pink sweat pants with them stripes on the sides.. the one that is oh-so-stylish nowadays.. and she was happy.

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Posted by: ummi (Offline)
Date: 5/17/04 at 9:28PM (3w2d ago)

Roaches and flies as pets... hahaha thats so cute. I guess the boys must have mixed up pets and pests. Wonderful kids. They'll make it through life just fine, InsyaAllah.

Posted by: elisataufik (Offline)
Date: 5/17/04 at 9:33PM (3w2d ago)
Insya-Allah!!! I'm trying to raise them with a sense of humor.. i think it'll be a fun ride for them, and also especially me! :)

Posted by: nectar
Date: 5/17/04 at 9:54PM (3w2d ago)

they are so cute and funny. but I wonder why a pre-school would ask kids to bring pets to school? Isn't that too troublesome? What if everybody insists on bringing their pet turtle, fish, spider, chameleon whatsoever - and the parents might have to take a leave from work to accompany their child to school? my daughter refused to go to school just because she didn't have the right colour panties.

Posted by: elisataufik (Offline)
Date: 5/17/04 at 10:13PM (3w2d ago)
I think the school just asked a few people to bring their pets, not all. And only pets that were in cages, hence hamsters and rabbits, but not fish and butterflies hee hee.
Oh my god. My kids wont go to school in shorts. they *have* to wear long pants. ThankGod Anis is still too young to fuss.

Posted by: Leen
Date: 5/18/04 at 5:28AM (3w1d ago)
Hi Elisa,

I love your blog.. your kids sound very very cute :). Tis Leen from Ryze by the way :)

Posted by: RockLobster (Offline)
Date: 5/18/04 at 9:20PM (3w1d ago)
I remember back in yr 7 I wrote "Supercallifradgill is ticexpialadocious" on the desk and then next week was asked 'Erin, did you write '"Supercallifradgi llis ticexpialadocious" in really tiny letters on the science desk?" by a really mad science teacher. I laughed and said 'No, of course not!'. Inside I was like ' ....... and I wouldve gotten away with it too if it wasnt for you meddling kids!'

Posted by: nectar
Date: 5/19/04 at 10:49PM (21d43m ago)

okay. I thought she asked the whole class to bring their pets.

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