Friday, May 21, 2004

Someone's a year older

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Today is the birthday of 2 of my favorite people in the world:
1. Ilham, my firstborn. He is 6 today!! He was so excited this morning. :)
2. Rizwal, my best friend. He is .. hrrrmmmm... 31? I sent him a text message this morning and got back a chirpy reply. As u may have read in my previous blog, he just became a daddy less than a month ago :)

A little bit of history on how/when Ilham was born:
(Warning: stories abt giving birth are seldom exciting)
My estimated due date was 10th of May. But i waited and waited and I didnt feel any contractions or had any sign that I was gonna deliver. For a week, I went out walking, but still no sign. So my gynae said, come in on the 20th so that we can induce you (they stick a needle into you and drip some sorta drug to force a delivery).
So I did, and they induced me, and still , no delivery. So in the end (after 20 hours doing nothing but joke around with my husband in the labor room) they decided to deliver Ilham by C-Section (that means they cut you up to pull out the baby).
Good thing, cos he was a big baby! He was 3.9kg (How many pounds is that?) and the reason I could not deliver him normally was because his huge head couldnt fit into my birth canal (now I can just picture SyntheticFaith's face reading this.. LOL).
I am 5ft 2in by the way.. don't ask me how I got such a big baby if I'm so small.

So that's the story how Ilham was born on my best-friend's birthday. Incidently, my best-friend became Ilham's godfather.

My 2nd son, Ihsan, shares the same birthday with my husband. He was BIGGER than Ilham. He was 4.2kg.
So expect another posting like this on the 1st of October ;)


I'm going to Ilham's school at 3:30pm today. I'm gonna read a SpongebobSquarePants storybook to him and his friends, then we're gonna have cake.
When we get home, I'm gonna give him the walkie talkies I bought him.
I wish I had gotten walkie talkies as a kid. All I had were tin cans connected with a string.

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