Tuesday, May 11, 2004

driving the porcelain bus

Mood: not so nauseous

okay after my last entry I kept going back and forth from my cube to the ladies room, to 'drive the porcelain bus'.
I don't remember where I learned that expression.
So there I was, gripping the edges of the sink like I would a steering wheel, trying to balance myself so that my face dont fall into it.
Out came:
potato chips that I had for breakfast.
and then i think big mac from lunch the day before
(sorry if I'm grossing u out)
after that the other trips yielded nothing but spit.
Everyone who walked in on me hanging over the sink went "*big gasp* are you pregnant?"
I said NO, i've tested negative, and got all sorts of theories on how home pregnancy tests can be innacurate.
Didnt go out to lunch. My friend brought me back an oatmeal loaf instead, and some corn & yam ice cream (which was yummy, and help settle my stomach a bit).
When I had felt a bit better , I walked over to the plant's clinic (Note: I work in a manufacturing plant) and saw the doctor who asked me whether I did the pregnancy test correctly but gave me anti-vomitting pills and antacids anyway.
So today I'm feeling much better, but somehow am craving for vanilla soft serve...

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