Tuesday, May 18, 2004

nothing much, but quite a lot.

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Gosh.. this next few days are going to be so busy!

Its visitors' day in my BNI Mtg, and I've got 2 guests coming. So gotta wake up early to make sure I get to the meeting before they do. I still have to prepare the network education and my 60seconds.. thinking of doing a testimony-type commercial. After meeting got to do some networking and hang out with my guests then I'll be off to Subang Parade (a mall) to buy stuff for Ilham's and another client's party.. After lunch , gonna come back to work. Prolly spend the night packing up Ilham's party packs.

Is Ilham's 6th birthday. I'll be at work only in the morning, then afternoon I'll be taking off to go to Ilham's pre-school with the cake and party favors. He wanted a spongebobsquarepants birthday but I think i'll do that for the party with the family and the party at the pre-school has got to settle with Mississipi mud pie cake decorated with sea shells. Friday night will prolly be spent preparing for the client's birthday on sunday (got to blow up balloons).

I still have not finished Anis's fairy wings for Shasha's fairy party.. and clean up the house!!

Is my client Hanisah's PowerPuff birthday party in KGNS. I'm in charge of decorations and entertainment (games). It's gonna be a fun 3hours! afternoon we have invitations to Shasha's fairy party. I'm praying that I finish the fairy wings on time.

if you're confused, its coz you don't know this:
I'm currently working for a multi-national company. But, I'm thinking of quitting. And I've launched this plan to quit: I've started a side business as a party organizer. I'm building my customer base by joining BNI, and then I'm gonna finish this one project, and quit.
Based on my plan, I was supposed to quit in February. But my project deadline keep getting postponed because of hardware unavailablity. I don't feel good about leaving things unfinished. And my customer base is growing!! So I'm now like juggling 2 jobs..

so if I'm like 'missing' for the next few days, you know what I'm doing.. ;)

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