Monday, May 10, 2004

I don't know what's wrong...

Mood: nauseous

I have been feeling kinda weird since I got back from Island hopping in Langkawi.
Note: I was on the Langkawi Island last week and we went 'island hopping' on one of the days there. Basically we hopped on a tiny boat and they brought us to Pulau Dayang Bunting , literally translated as The Island of the Pregnant Woman, and then to a cove where they tried to feed the eagles (they didnt eat much prolly coz the other boats who were ahead of us had fed them enuf, but it was quite thrilling to see them swoop down to check out the food ) and then we were brought to what they called 'the most beautiful island in Langkawi' (NOT), where the kids could hop down and swim on the beach.
I had no problem with the boat rides. But I can't stand it when they stop, and the boat kinda sways on the water.. it makes me sick.
Then the next day we had the ferry ride home. That was horrible! The water was choppy and I could feel the ferry swaying and the windows were too high that I couldnt look out. By the time we reached the port and they opened the doors and the exhaust fumes wafted in, i couldnt hold my breakfast. I puked into a plastic bag which was meant for the kids to puke in.
It's been.. hm.. 3 days? since the ferry ride, but I still feel nauseous. Since I got back, I have no stomach for anything.
To rule out the possibility, yesterday I went to the drugstore and bought myself a pregnancy test.
But it turned out negative!!
so.. i seriously don't know what's wrong with me.
I'll try to get some soup in me today. We'll see what happens.

maybe I'm allergic to work? Coz the moment I sit in my cubicle I get all woozy.
heh heh

Edited coz there were too many typos.. I can't even type right. I'm gonna change the position of my laptop.. maybe that'll help

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Posted by: Fina
Date: 5/11/04 at 7:03PM (21d7h ago)
Hi Elisa,
take care ok?
Get well soon ... or is that a sign of another round of motherhood? :D

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