Monday, May 10, 2004

Man and Boy

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I visited pezman32's blog and it reminded me of Tony Parson's "Man and Boy" which I have just finished reading while on holiday this past week.
The book is almost like 'Kramer vs Kramer' except the ending is a bit different. I wonder why its a best seller though. Granted that Tony Parson has a flair for writing and that his characters are very well fleshed out .. but I'm just wondering what is it that makes the story unique to people. Is it because it is about a MAN who's a single parent? And that he was the one who stayed behind and took care of the kid? I mean, is that unique? If you visit pezman's blog (, you'd see that it is not so unusual that the man is the single parent. It is not unusual for the man to be the tender, loving and caring half.
And why is it that I don't see books about female single parents on the best seller's list (or maybe there are, but I have not been reading them.. heh heh).

After finishing the book, I also wondered.. if the couple had 3 kids instead of just one, Would the wife had left as easily as she did? Would the husband still be willing to take care of the 3 kids with the wife gone? Would the husband still be fighting for the custody of the kids?

This book made me ask my husband whether he was happy with his life and whether he thinks he's having a mid-life crisis (coz I can't tell.. I mean, he's not like obsessed with his looks or fast cars or looking at other women yet .. he just kept renovating our house and complaining abt money).
This book also made me evaluate my husband's 'mothering' skills, i.e. If he were to be left alone with the kids for a few days, would he be able to survive or would I come back to find my kids wearing the same clothes that I left them with and food-deprived? I'm proud to say, he passed with flying colors ;) In fact, i think maybe he'd do a better job than me, coz I have a short temper..

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