Tuesday, June 08, 2004


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This morning Ihsan was struggling with his underpants. Or 'Spender' as he calls it.

Unlike girls' underpants, which would have at least a ribbon, or a flower of some sort to indicate the front, top part, boys' underpants dont. Some of them come in boring plain colors with no adornments.
Some of his underpants have a cat or dog or fish or a picture of some cartoon character on the front, so he can never go wrong.
But some, like this particular one, has got tiny starfish and boats (or tractors or planes or astronauts and meteors and moons) all over the place, so he didnt know which way is up.

I heard him go "ughm, mphhff, ughhhmm" and asked him whats wrong and saw him trying to struggle into them underpants through one of the legholes. When he's done, his tummy was like bursting against the elastic and his dickie was peeking out.
I told him to take it off and tried to explain to him how to tell which way to put it on.
Ilham offered "make sure the small part's in front" and Ihsan held the underpants out with the small part infront, but the leghole on top, just like he was wearing it before. "That's the way I wore it before!!" He complained to his brother.
"okay, the tag is supposed to be on top, at the back" I said.
But I forgot, I had cut off the tags for this one coz the boys had been complaining that the tags were scratchy.
"Okay , make sure the BIG hole is on top and small part is in front" I said.
And Ihsan turned his underpants this way and that , comparing the size of the holes and put it in front of him over his dickie and asked "like this?" ,"Or this?" and when he got it right I gave him the okay.

Life is never boring with boys around...

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Posted by: nectar
Date: 6/8/04 at 1:10AM (1M3w ago)

he he. I too had to cut off all the tags and labels from pants or dresses because she complained they are ticklish.

Posted by: PrimaryBasic (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 1:25AM (1M3w ago)


life indeed is interesting with your boys.

"I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!"

Posted by: effyzah (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 5:29AM (1M3w ago)
boys will b boys...wondering what is it gonna be like when i'll have one... :) yo! ive read bout yr mee bandung posting. 'sounds' yummy.......
-mommy wz 2 girls.

live life to the fullest !

Posted by: SyntheticFaith (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 8:44AM (1M3w ago)

I had this problem yesterday morning.... not with the leg hole (I wish my waist would fit into my leg hole), but I put mine on backwards...chalk it up to sleepyness...I realized my mistake pretty quickly however, all without help from my mom! YAY I'm a big boy now.
They need to hook adult males up with some cartoons or something.

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