Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Just Write

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sometimes you think you know a person just because you're related to them.
Granted that you spent most of your life away from them and met them only during school holidays.
Granted that they went away to college when you came back from graduating.
Granted that they got married and moved away to another country while you stayed in the same place you partly grew up in.
But still, they're family, so you should know them, right?

I don't think you really know a person unless you communicate with that said person regularly.
I guess that's why Suhai and I were best friends even though physically, we didnt meet each other that often.
And I guess that's why sometimes online relatonships work.

What i'm trying to say is.. write to one another if u cant call or meet up for coffee and chat.
or write in a blog so that people can get to know you and catch up with whats going on.

I discovered somebody's blog yesterday. Somebody I'm supposed to know well, and whom I thot I did.
What I found suprised me.
I was Wow.
it's like I never knew you.
Are you for real?
I mean, this is you? Writing these stuff?
I'm in awe.
I think this is a [re]start of a wonderful relationship.

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