Wednesday, June 09, 2004



tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow..

I wont be blogging tomorrow because I only blog when I'm supposed to be working and .. I'm not working tomorrow!!!

6:30am I am going to my weekly BNI meeting in the morning.
9:00am Chat with another BNI-member abt her business and how I could help generate more business for her (and vice versa).
12:00pm Have lunch with Pn Mariam Troelsen at Pan Pacific Glenmarie (free lunch wooh hooooo!!). We're gonna discuss about this MC job she wants to give me (she is SO kind).
2:00pm or so (i hope the lunch meeting dont drag) .. go home, shower, change and catch the bus to the LRT station
3:00pm should reach Taufik's office, and we should leave for Carcosa Seri Negara
4:00pm I should be at Carcosa sipping tea with the former Prime Minister.. well, not really *with*.. at least we'll be in the same room. I'm gonna take a deep breath, make muka tak malu (face with no shame) and ask him for a picture together with my husband. If my husband remembers to borrow the digital camera, I will be able to post it here. If not, then, i don't know when I'll be able to show it off... heh heh...

Oh god!! I still have to write my speech!!
I thought of winging it, but I think i'd be too nervous so I think I better write it down.
Okay gotta go do that now.

Wish me luck !!


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