Thursday, January 31, 2008

random ramblings

i've been quiet coz my internet connection expired.I thought that I had forgotten to pay the bill (again!), and I was trying to remember how much a whole year's subscription cost the last time I paid, and then I remembered that the subscription was supposed to be included in the house rent and that Taufik had just renewed the contract for the house so it wasnt really my fault .. heh heh. So I called the guy in charge of the internet, but as usual, over here, it takes a few days to settle things so I only got my internet connection late yesterday afternoon.


Dont audition for amer1can id0l if -
. People tell you you should audition and it's followed by a laugh.
. When you sing, people turn and stare.
. Only your mama tells you that you are a good singer.
. You feel the need to put on a costume.
. People say you sound like Eddie Vedder when you sing "Moses Let my people go".
For gawd's sakes, take a tape recorder and listen to yourself before you go!

Having said that, I really really like Leo I-dont'-know-his-last-name. I hope he goes far in this competition.


The L0st Room has ended. I dont know if there's gonna be a second season. I dont know why it's so short.. maybe because of the writer's strike? *shrug*The ending was okay.. some loose ends, but he got his daughter back.


I have a barbecue today.
I made pandan sponge cake.*grin*

Now I have to go shower and make breakfast.


  1. Dear Elisa, dah lama Mak teh tak jenguk you dan Elisa pun menyepi dari blog mak teh. Mungkin terlalu sibuk, Tadi teringat Elisa sebab weekend ni nak buat acar buah lagi-satu periok besar. Tiba-tiba teringat kisah Elisa tertinggal acar buah yang mak teh kirim ada dalam fridge di PJ. So kalau nak yang ni beritahulah melalui siapa yang mak teh boleh kirimkan, ok?

  2. heart6:47 AM

    Elisa!!!!!!!! Lama tak kunjung ke your blog :P Sorry!!! So how r u?? Takde internet, macam patah/hilang kaki gitu, yea...

    *hahaa* @ AI... oh well, I guess without these hopeless "talents", the show would be boring.

    I think I saw LR a few months ago - was interesting. Me, waiting for Heroes to come back. Stupid strike buat orang semua susah lah...

  3. elisa...:) kalau saya la tak de internet, boleh mcam mabuk kepayang gitu hehehe....jari jemari asyek tertekan2 jer...

    the description of NOT TO AUDITION apt for me....sbb i nie suka menyanyi, tapi tak tahu bedza antara high note from low...hehehe. Bila menyanyi kawan2 akan jerit2 "More....more...." And just as I got encouraged by those cheers, depa sambung...."Moreeee Practice ...!"


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