Monday, February 04, 2008

Projek Sekerap

I'm too busy to blog coz I'm making this:

What is it and who's gonna get it?
I think it's easy enough to guess.

tee hee.


  1. I know, I know!! LOL... Oh, it must have been exciting to see these pages in print kan?? Hopefully whoever gets it will enjoy it too. :)

  2. you should see me at the photo shop. I told the guy "These are Very very very VERY imprtant pictures. please please please do not resize them, please."
    I am so pleased with the results. Thankyou so much, Sya!

    I went to the craft store this morning. They now have a scrapbooking section! all sorts of papers and brads and stickers and tacks and such.
    I think if you were here you'd go crazy.
    I just bought the album :)

  3. I want to go to Al Zamil too!!! Boo hooo hooo!

  4. Sunflora ,
    mari mari mari!!!


  5. patut la lama you senyap. bestnya those who get it coz they're hand crafted by the creative you :). Let me guess.. itu macam scrap book with all the pictures inside?

  6. neeza ,

    yes it's a scrapbook of the pictures we took when my friend and family came over to visit us :)

  7. I baru teringat yang I tak pergi cuci 1 gambar pun since sampai sini... kena pergi la.. cuci gambar sini murah je kan.. :)