Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DBGS Sports Day 2008

I tried out the D40 at the kids' sport day on Sunday (Anis') and Monday (Ihsan and Ilham's). Just set the dial to the running man and shot away.
The results were .. bleagghhhh.
Most were blurr.
Any tips?

Original pictures on my flickr

p/s Auntie rozie, do you recognize Izani's yellow shirt? He finally could fit into it! (after almost one year)


  1. I got only Izani's pic in this slideshow.Hmmmmmm...
    D40 has autofocus function. If it is too fast, the autofocus wouldnt have time to work. Read the manual again.

  2. Urm...

    I think D40 doesn't have an internal focus drive. That means it does not Auto Focus for you, correct?

    I can't see from the previous picture of your camera whether your lens that you have on have a built in Auto Focus drive on it or not. (Some Nikon lenses have a built-in auto focus motor, maybe if you google it you'll get the name and how you can differentiate them)

    The best you can do without an Auto Focus feature is keep your focus on infinity.

    Or, I could be entirely wrong and you did not select the Auto Exposure Lock and Auto Focus Lock button. It should be somewhere with AEL or AEF on it.

    For the speed shots, I would recommend setting the program dial to 'S', meaning you control the shutter speed with the selector dial. The higher shutter speed, the less blur you will get on moving objects. Rule of thumb, a walking person will need 1/80 to capture. So running would double it up. The setback - the higher you go, the more pixels (or grains as I call it..I'm old-school what) you could get on your image.

    COnfusing ah? heh..sorry, don't know how to explain it better.

    My film director once taught me how to roughly select your aperture or shutter speed using a fully manual camera. Don't know if you want to try it.

    You take a picture of a still object in daylight. First you lock the shutter speed to 1/80 but change the Aperture (or F-Stop) from the lowest, say F3.5 to the highest, say F16. Keep the frame and angle the same.

    Then, you repeat but now lock the Aperture to say, F4.5 but change the Shutter Speed.

    After that, if you print those pictures out and lay them side by side, you could see the difference between selecting different aperture and shutter speed will do to your image.

    Does this help at all?

  3. Papa - can you see the pics on flickr?

    Firhad - waaahhh ini sudah advance nih..!
    Gonna try it out. I think abg taufik dok godek2 the settings the day before (he took some pictures of trees before maghrib) and I didnt bother changing it .. he he :P

  4. adding to firhad's tips:

    Aim your view to your object (in this case, the man's running) and press your shutter halfway. this is to lock the focus on the man. normally ada bunyi beep-beep or the 'box' inside your view finder tukar warna merah to indicate the focus is locked.

    Pan your camera parallel to his running direction and press the shutter all the way down.

    good luck :)

  5. hartini5:13 PM

    Hope you're having fun in Egypt!! :)

    Pening kepala skejap kan, belajar all these camera jargon? :) But will be worth it.

    For action shots, u have to use Manual or Shutter Priority mode. Set the speed to something around 1/200 or higher, like 1/500... If the pix come out a bit too dark, that being indoors, then use flash to compensate [but the subject's background will be dark].

    Aperture is to control the bokeh [out of focus] behind/in front of your subject. Think of it this way, if you want to shoot landscape, you want everything to be sharp, right? So you select f8, f11 or f21. But if you're taking a portrait/close up shot, you want to get rid of the distracting background by making them blur, except for your subject. So you open up your aperture to the lowest, ie, f4 or f1.8 if your lens allows.

    So in this case, sports, you want speed. So if you choose Manual mode, put the speed on 1/200 first. Aperture at f/5 or so. If too dark, go down to Aperture f/4 or bring down the speed a bit to 1/180. If too troublesome, then use the Shutter Priority mode and set at 1/200, then play around from there. The camera will set the aperture automatically.

    Have fun shooting!

  6. hartini6:53 AM

    Oh, forgot to mention this one, very important too... for action shots, the ISO must be at least ISO 400. ISO 800 and above is fine too, but the higher u go, the more noise you will get in the photos.

    BTW, great place to learn photography is at the discussion forum at www.dpreview.com ;) Have fun!