Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AI7 Top 12 boys

Here we go again...
I thought that after 6 years of watching this show, the contestants would know by now that to win, you have to shine and show that you're special. You have to wow and just vocal acrobatics wont cut it. And song choice is SO very very important.

David Hernandez sang Midnight Hour, and I thought that though he has a good voice, I found his performence uninspiring.
Chikezie sang a diana ross song that goes "love you more today than tomorrow" and I'm afraid I liked Diana's version better. It had more punch. He got quite good towards the end of the song though.
I really really liked David Cook's version of Happy Together. It was rawkin!
I think Jason Yeager has an awesome voice and I could hear him singing this song on some children's animated movie soundtrack, but i dont know.. it was kinda bleagh.
Robbie Carrico, who sang One is the Loneliest number looked more like a rocker than david cook, but I think his performence missed the mark. I totally understand what Simon meant about not being convinced about his 'rawkness'.
David Archuletta was cute as always singing Shop Around. It was obvious that he stole the audience's heart tonight. I really liked that he always looked so comfortable and sound so passionate. My throat hurts everytime I hear him sing though.. like his stressing it a bit or something.
I think Danny Noriega made a bad decision by singing Jailhouse Rock tonight. He did more shouting than singing, and somehow I got the impression that he was channeling more of a queen than a king. *double snap*
Luke Menard, the carpet cleaner, sang Echoes of My Mind and was very very very weak, IMHO.
Colton Berry (I always find blonde lashes a little freaky) did Elvis more justice with his performence of suspicious minds, but I thought he was just okay.
Garret Hailey (from a place called 'Elida'!) was a little boring with a really slow version of Breaking Up is hard to do.
I remember Jason Castro from the auditions because of his dreadlocks, but I didnt remember that he was *that* dreamy! Oh. My. God! This guy is , like , *sigh* *swoon*! How appropriate that he sang "What a day for a day dream". I thought his syncopation of the high note (which randy said was off key) was so endearing. Gosh this guy is shy but charismatic, tender yet bad boy in his jeans and those blue eyes!!! I want him to win.
Michael Johns sorta paled in comparison to Jason.. he delivered Light My Fire well, but knowing that he's not really an amateur sorta dimmed my admiration for him.. :P

Who I think will be out:
Garret Hailey, Luke Menard
also in trouble but I hope wont go: Jason Yeager, David Hernandez, Robbie Carrico

Castro Castro Castro!!!


  1. he was my favourite for the night too! i find him very charming & yup dreamy & endearing. senang cakap, i agree with each of your comments, except for one. i kinda like danny :) he's colourful. we certainly need him on the show just for the ride. just like when we needed sanjaya!

  2. Don't get me wrong, I think Danny is VERY talented. That's why i thought he made a bad choice of song this week. I see him making it to top 12 :)
    Top 6 boys for sure:
    Jason Castro *swooon*
    David Archuleta
    Michael Johns
    David Cook
    and strong maybe:
    Danny Noriega, Colton Berry, David Hernandez, Chikezie
    But then, this si just the first week *shrug*

  3. jagung12:27 PM


    I like your new toy....jeles....

  4. jagung - heh heh tersilap.. american idol season 7 actually. I've edited and corrected.. ;)

    you takde anak nak tanggung, I'm sure can splurge on a D40 :)