Friday, February 22, 2008

AI7 Top 12 girls

aiyoh so sorry.
Thursday is a weekend over here and weekends are usually busy for me. I only managed to watch the repeat of the show and even then I missed the first 2 girls.

So this will be really short:
I thought Alaina's version of Love You More was a better one compared to Chikezie's but I found she shouted too much.
Amanda Overmier is so awesome. I never knew anyone who could use 'even-keeled' in a sentence. I loved he quick comeback to Simon's comments too. But I thought the lead guitar overshadowed her singing at certain moments.
Amy Davis sounded a little pitchy and whiny.
I preferred David Cook's version of Happy Together than Brooke White's.
Alexandrea sounds and look professional and so did Ramiel Malubay, though ramiel was a little theatrical. She's so cute though what's with the hair??
Kady Malloy has a good voice but she looked kinda crossed eyed most of the time.
And I love love loved Asiah Epperson's voice even though she's kinda gedik at times. I thought Shayesha mercado tends to over-shout her singing, and Carly ... like Michael Johns.. is waaaay too professional to be amateur.

Who I think will be out:
based on what I managed to see, Amy Davis and Kady Malloy.

we'll see !

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