Wednesday, February 13, 2008

itsy bitsy

slow day, nothing major to write about.
so here's bits and pieces from my jam collection:

Love Jam

I found a website that is selling Laur3n by Ralph Laur3n!! I am *so* stoked. I was so loyal (and still am) to that fragrance since I bought my first bottle in 1990 after several months of saving up my monthly allowance from my college scholarship. I was so sad when they discontinued it. Then I started wearing Glamorous, but now I can't even find that in the stores over here. I really hate trying out new perfume..
So I am so happy I found that website, but I'm not gonna buy it yet coz I've gotta save up for something else first. (but if somebody wants to buy it for me, they're more than welcomed.... *shameless grin*)

Transmission Jam

I watched Juno.
I didnt think I would cry, but yeah, I did.. *hangs head in shame*
I like the dialogue. So 'bersahaja', erm.. 'relaxed'? And I am thinking of getting the soundtrack. I especially like that "Anyone Else But You" song.
oh and I also watched Into The Wild.
I found it kinda weird, yet liberating, yet disturbing. I wished I hadnt known so much about the movie, coz in supposedly solitary scenes, I kept imagining Sean Penn sitting there in his baseball cap with his hands on his chin and his crinkled forehead, and eddie beside him strumming his guitar. That sorta killed the mood for me. That aside, I thought Chris was a brat at first, but then as he 'grew' in the movie, so did my understanding of him. I hope his okay with himself, wherever he is.
I'm definitely getting the soundtrack. I felt like Eddie Vedder was singing to me the whole time I was watching it.

I watched American Id0L.
What happened to Leo??? He didnt make it, I gather? oh well.
And I'm sorry the Lampken siblings didnt make it either.
I like Asi'ah. and that Aussie guy. and that 16 year old (michael?). I'm a little iffy about Josiah. I liked his version of GraceKelly, he's full of passion, but not much in the vocal prowess department.

Travelling Jam

We are going to Cairo. *jumps about*
Taufik has a one week training first week of march, and he has decided to bring us along. yay!!
I think I mentioned somewhere that I am washing and ironing all my white shirts and brown pants in the hopes of emulating the "English Patient" look. HA HA HA.
We're planning planning planning. Hotels are so expensive! (USD200 per night, and we'll be there for 10 nights. You do the math ... adoiii!!!) I hope that we can get an apartment instead, so that we can afford a guide/driver.

Culinary Jam

The school had a bake sale yesterday so I made Red Velvet cupcakes using the Spongy Cake recipe and adding 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and red food coloring.
Okay lah.

Blogberry Jam

I am trying to figure out who you are. I think I am getting close, mwahaha.

Melayu, Bekerja (untuk Kerajaan?), Bujang, Fasih dalam dua bahasa, Perempuan atau Lelaki? (besar kemungkinan perempuan). Betul?

Pearl Jam

My kids have this obsession with Man Of The Hour. They sing it in the shower over and over again.
Ilham came up to me one day and said,
"You know that part that goes 'and the bells ringing now and the door's open wide'? I think it's about Halloween"
I could have explained to him about the complicities of a father and son relationship, but I chose to giggle instead.
They really love Big Fish, by the way. But I think it's more due to the fantastic characters than the underlying story. They dont understand why I always cry when I watch it. I may have to buy the DVD.



  1. tgsherilamirah7:19 PM

    Americano Idola Fevaaaa!

    Okay, the 16 year old's name is DAVID. he is tres tres tres cute, with tres nice voice. Sigh. So lovable!!

    Aussie guy is hot with good voice too. But he is married (i saw a ring). and very old. blah.

    Asia'h is sucha sweetheart.

    I didn't really like the Lampkin's. The brother was a bit ..."over" if you ask me.

    People really have to give Josiah a break. He's been living in his CAR for God's sake!! and he has a good voice. He's just a bit too .. raw for his own good. the kid needs to learn to toughen up.

    And thus I am done spreading my share of Americano Idola Feva. Adieu.

    (oh ya)
    Happy V-day! (altho' I'm boycotting, I'll wish ya anyways!)

  2. Yeah Lampkin brother got in but sister got booted out. Agree with ur sister - didnt think much abt him. I soo love that Janis-Joplin nurse. She's so cool man

  3. A.I:use to love it but lost the mood

    BUT im ecstatic for you.Cairo.My dream hol (alongside Istanbul).I tak jadi lah English Patient look esp wth a dash of glamorous. btw have u smell the non-alcoholic version? bought for my mum..

    ENJOY..get some nice pic ok can load for bonda skin...

  4. *sigh* i try but as you can see, blob blob...i meant "i think jadi lah English Patient look.."

    ps: i have a good red velvet cupcake recipe somewhere.will look it up for next time..

  5. jagung7:03 AM

    bestnya boleh gi jalan jalan....kirim salam kat sphinx.

    been missing american idol, but i remember one girl that did an impersonation of spears so she still around?

    watched juno too. i tought page was a motormouth but very talented. first saw her in 'Hard Candy', she was really good.

    mengundi kat mana?

  6. Anonymous11:12 AM


    are u coming back to vote or not??


  7. Mahal tu kalau sampai USD200 per day. Tapi mungkin its a 5 star hotel la kot.. Why don't you contact a travel agent and ask about apartment for rent. Dulu, masa we all pergi memang through travel agent. Somehow the travel agent tu pun ada close contact dengan bebudak melayu yang study kat University Al Azhar. So, diorang boleh tolong bawak tour.

  8. mimi - i think you would have heard that Josiah didnt make it :( poor boy.

    leen - I like the nurse and that irish lady, tapi I'm afraid if they're gonna end up becoming another Gina Glockson.

    swahili - where to get the non-alcoholic version of glamourous??
    I will be checking out perfumes in cairo ;)

    jagung and zue - I wont be voting this year. Cant afford to go back till maybe July, and they don't have remote elecion procedures for folks out of the country :(

    Neeza - we are limited by location coz Taufik's training will be in Sheraton. So far have found a few affordable accomodations, alhamdulillah!
    ha.. i need to contact some malaysian students lah... 5 hari Taufik training tu, I would need some guidance/protection to bawak kids jalan2 around the city.

    Does anybody know anyone?
    Maybe I should ask makteh.