Sunday, February 10, 2008

The List

Kris's recent post (after a long absence, I may add) inspired me to write these down:

Things I want to do/see/visit before I die (in no particular order):

1. Perform hajj and truly repent (end of the year insya-Allah, and I will work hard on the repent bit)
2. Road trip through either Italy or Spain (quarter done)
3. See a live volcano (done, it was a sleeping one, but I guess that counts)
4. Swim with whales or dolphins
5. Go to Bali
6. Learn to play the guitar
7. Watch my kids graduate from college
8. See Jordan, lebanon, syria, morocco, turkey oh heck travel the world.
9. watch F1 live (done! yay)
10. Make a painting worthy of being put up on a wall in my house
11. Get a motorcycle license
12. Learn how to make mama's nasi dagang.
13. Climn a mountain (kinabalu?)
14. Sell durians/rambutans/local fruits by the roadside.
15. See the pyramids and sphinx (coming soon! tee hee)
16. Travel in a caravan or RV (inspired by chandramoon)
17. Publish a book
18. Meet the Tuaregs
19. Go on an african safari
20. See Pearl Jam, live. and, and, maybe shake Eddie Vedder's hand. (if that's not too much to ask)

err I'm sure there's more.. but can't think of them at the moment coz Izani smells.


  1. i can help you with no.4 & 5 which i did in my 1st trip. theres a far north or south (cnt remember) place you can actually swim with dolphine. not whales tho. they are beautiful and gentle.

    I want to do 15 too.insyallah. and 17. is norhan's wish which im helping to "grant"

  2. #14. done it when i was in primary school with my late atuk. it was fun experience.
    we sell tempoyak too. pure tempoyak no mix.
    durian price vary depends on customers' cars & license plates.

  3. Myself, love to do all except #15. I'm not sure how it is now, but 15 years back, the sphinx was crooked (the nose was demolished by the wind). But, it'll be a great flashback if I were to go again (with hubby and kids pulak)

    swimming with whales tu.. I guess, mine - kena belajar swimming dulu. heheee

  4. InsyaAllah you will get all your wishes.
    I just got "Into The Wild", a film directed by Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder wrote some of the songs.
    Firhad has yet to collect GUIT and courier it to you.
    Big hugs to all.

  5. Looks like you're a travel buff from your list Elisa. We can travel together to meet tuareg while someone babysits our kids teehee. I did the whole Italy leg when was student and South of Spain , yay. Would like to go AGAIN!
    On no 4 on your list, you can actually swim with dolphins/sharks at Sea World in Gold coast. I've been wanting to do this for ages (cost $$ for the sessions though I have an annual pass) but actually at the back of my mind, I don't really find it that thrilling if they are in captivity. However, I could go to this island a boat ride away where I can pat wild dolphins though. Must convince dh one of these days :).

  6. swahili - Swimming with dolphins in Bali? oraitt can kill 2 birds with one stone!
    Taufik has one week training in Cairo first week of March. We are tagging along, insya-Allah! I am so excited, I have ironed all my white shirts and brown pants in hopes to get that 'English Patient' look.. kih kih kih.

    Am - must've been fun!! Was it? I am really looking forward to doing that with my kids when our dusun in kedah bears enough fruit.

    neeza - eh? you didnt like cairo ke? I think the sphinx's nose is still broken :)
    You don't know how to swim?? I only took lessons when I was pregnant with Ihsan. Go take lessons! It's a sunnah tau.. :)

    Papa - I have a friend who might be coming over in April. SHe works in Bank Negara, maybe you can pass it through her instead? (Saves money on courier - mahal!!). If it's okay, I'll give her your number.

    Umm-fi-Ard -- ah... I should also put "see ayer's rock" on the list!

  7. Ayers Rock is cool to look at. The natives (aborigines) there would prefer visitors not to climb sacred rock though.
    Where did you learn to swim?! Totally agree with you , get more people to learn to swim.

  8. I like Cairo.. memang rasa nak pergi lagi.. tapi tengok la budget dulu.. nak learn how to swim tapi still takut lagi. nak selam kepala pun tak berani.. camne nak buat tuh? heheee

  9. umm-fi-ard -- I wouldnt want to climb ayer's rock.. it looks pretty steep. I'd prolly just look at it from afar.
    I learnt to swim in UITM SHah Alam. A bunch of ladies at my office decided to sign up for classes and we drove there after work. It was so much fun!

    Neeza - kena practice banyak2 kali.. baru berani!