Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mouse and Lion masks

Every year sometime in february, my kids' school has a book week. At the end of the week, the younger kids get to go to school as a character in their favourite book.
And every year, I will forget, and have to scramble last minute to look for an appropriate costume.
The first year, Ilham chose The Frog Prince, so I made him a frog prince hat using green, red and yellow paper. Ihsan chose to be the boy in "Have You Seen My Cat?" and I just made him wear normal clothes and pasted a sign with "Have you seen my cat" with a drawing of a cat on his t-shirt.
I can't remember last year, but I think we chose characters that wear normal clothes (no special costumes)... heh heh.

This year, Anis told me on Monday she wanted to be a lion. Ihsan wanted wanted to be a mouse. Not from "The Lion and the Mouse", but from two different books, "Snappy count book" (A pop-up 1,2,3 book with animals in it) and "Bodge Plants a Seed" (A book about a mouse who learnt how to plant a seed properly). On top of that, Anis has to bring some food for a class party.


So yesterday I had to figure out how to dress up the kids.
We found cream pants and a yellow shirt for Anis, green-brownish pants and a grey shirt for Ihsan. And I managed to make a Lion and a Mouse masks using plastic plates I had in my storeroom, some colored paper, rubber bands and ribbons (to tie the mask) and a black marker.

taken last night, not in full costume

tee hee. I think they look pretty cute despite the obvious amatuer-ness of the masks.. My kids were extremely happy with it, coz they are very easy to impress :)

Oh, in between preparing dinner and cutting up plastic plates, I managed to make cup cakes for Anis. I used the spongy cake recipe and spooned about 3 tablespoons into "American muffin" (that's what the box said) sized paper cups. It makes exactly a dozen!


  1. comelnya the lion and the rat!!! baru perasan it was made from paper plates - hehee.. give me ideas if my kids happen to have this kind of stuff at school :)

  2. neeza,

    They're actually plastic plates, coz I didnt have any paper plates. I think paper plates would've been better coz then you could paint/color them. tapi dah takde, nak buat camner.. *shrug*
    DBGS has lotsa activities, so memang you have to make costumes at least once in the school year!
    Jangan malu2 to tiru, ya?

  3. What a cool mommy you kids have :)

  4. I'm sure you'll find out what a cool mommy you are too when Am starts having to wear costumes to school!
    Desperate times calls for desperate measures.