Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Vibrations

wow.Some good vibes must be going my way today.

It started early in the morning while I was frying up some noodles for breakfast/lunch with last night's leftover sambal tumis sotong (squid in spicy sauce). I got a call from Flora, a neighbour who I've not met up for quite a while coz she had been feeling under the weather. She asked me whether I wanted to go out shopping with her. I hesitated (coz I am currently obsessed with completing a(nother) 'project'), but said yes in the end coz as I said, I had not seen her in quite a while.
One friendship renewed!

As I got out of the house (after having like 45minutes to get ready), I bumped into my new next door neighbour. I introduced myself and found out her name was An-sun (spelling might be wrong, but that's what it sounded like) and we chatted for awhile and found out she's from korea (Lee dong wook!) and she has lived in riyadh before. Then I had to say see ya later and rush to catch the bus.
One new friend made!

When I got back from shopping, I got a call from someone asking for 'Mrs Taufik' and found out it was Madeeha, Taufik's colleagues' wife. She called just to get to know more ladies and we chatted for a bit and I told her she could come over anytime, just give me a call first coz I would need to clean up my messy house ha ha ha. Later in the evening I got another call from her inviting me over for tea with some other ladies this coming saturday, and we ended up making a date to go out tomorrow for a short shopping trip (I have to exchange a pair of pants I bought today) and lunch.
Two new friends made!

After I got the first call from Madeeha, I got another call from a lady who introduce herself as Bella from 248 from across the street from my house. At that point I started feeling really popular tee hee.She called to ask me about what the arrangements are for children going to Reception in Dhahran academy. Her daughter had just started school today and she was confused about the bus arrangements and so I explained to her what Anis went through and what the bus monitor duties were and then we got to chatting about other things coz I tend to ramble and ask curious questions like where are you from (she's from nigeria) and is this your first expatriate post (she was in australia before) and how many kids do you have (she's got 2 other boys, same age as Ilham and Ihsan!).When my kids got home from school I was at the door and saw that my kids had made friends with her kids and she was at her door too and we waved at each other.
Three new friends made!

Tee hee.So I guess you could say it had been quite a productive day as far as friendships are concerned.


  1. You sell yourself short.You are really so warm and friendly expat wife..

    And...I had this when you intro me to ppl here tho mine stretched in a span of 2days!

    YA to Elisa..

  2. A nice person would always 'given' an unexpected happiness in her/his life.

    Behavior speaks better than words and that's why its easy for you to make friends...

  3. elisa...:-)

    i have a relative who was in dubai, and now moved to riyadh. her husband works for sabic.
    she is new there , her children will only start school mid february.

    met or heard anyone who has just arrived to riyadh?? that could be her...


  4. Elisa, you will always be blessed with loads of nice people around you because you're a nice soul.

    I wish I have your luck!

    Idham, is your relative's name Zalia and her husband a lawyer in Sabic?

  5. Elisa, syoknya u dapat gi shopping with yr girl frens...Tat I miss very much in Riyadh!