Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The L0st R00m

You can tell that nothing exciting is happening in my life when I put up a lot of Transmission Jams.
My current viewing obsession (aside from Amer1can Id0l) is this sci-fi series The L0st R00m.
I usually avoid watching series because as I mentioned before, I can get quite obsessive and would get easily frustrated when I miss episodes and such. This one I stumbled upon when there was nothing else to watch one night. Lucky (or Unlucky) for me, they were showing the first episode, and watching the first episode is usually a sure fire method to get me caught in watching the next and the next and the next.
I found the series to be extremely intriguing. It's fantastical and conspiratol elements reminds me of X-f1les, but instead of random unrelated extraordinary phenomenons, this series revolves around a 'magical' room and the objects that came from it.

FBI Detective Joe Miller stumbled upon a key that could open any door and lead him to the 'l0st r00m'. From this room, he can go anywhere he can imagine. He and his daughter, Anna, also discovers that the room 'resets' everytime the door is opened/closed, anything inside the room that was not originally in the room and is not holding the key would dissapear. They also discover that a lot of people want the key, and that there are many other objects from the room that has their own 'powers', like a pen that microwaves people, a nail file that makes you go to sleep, a bus ticket that instantly sends you to the middle of nowhere (or so we thought), a comb that temporarily stops time, a clock box that stops decaying, a deck of cards that makes you crazy, etc etc. There are some people who think that the objects are from God and builds religions and organizations around the objects and makes it their sole purpose in life to retrieve all of them.
Joe got himself immersed into this mess when during a tussle with a 'bad' guy who wanted the key, Anna ran into the room without the key and the door was closed, resetting the room. This series revolve around Joe's effort in getting his daughter back, but to do that he needs to decipher the room, the objects in it and what happened to make the room and the objects in it so powerful.

Watch the trailer here:

This series have made me glued to the edge of my seat for a whole hour in a day, and wondering around the house in anticipation for the next episode for the rest of the hours and days.
If you're into fast paced sci-fi series, I would recommend it. If you're not or wouldnt want to be sucked into its vortex, be forewarned.


  1. What channel is this on? Which subscriber do you have...i dont remember seeing this on Orbit.

    Dnt like sci-fi but i like anything face paced and intriguing.I must be the only human mortals who has not (and will not) watch Sex In the city..

  2. believe it or not, I have never watched sex and the city either!
    I caught this on DubaiOne. I do not subscribe to anything. I only watch whatever the compound provides.

  3. jagung12:27 PM

    i wiki-ed.

    banyak element. musti best.

    hope you are able to catch all the episodes.

    ...maybe ada dvd set kat kl....

  4. I wish I could sit and watch series. Selalunya tengok half way or 1/4 through je. with shahmey yang tengah galak merangkak, I can't afford. Nanti dia kemana-mana sebab ummi sibuk tengok tv... :)

  5. jagung - i pernah beli dvd set Lost season 1, and sampai sekarang tak tengok2 pun lagi! *sigh*

    Neeza - oh yes, time budak kecik memunggah is the most difficult time to watch TV. This is the first series I have managed to watch (and stick to) for a long long long time since I've had kids! :D