Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Du8a1 Damage

What my husband's trip to dubai cost him:

SR404 worth of kids clothes (Mothercare + Bhs is on sale!!!)
A corduroy jacket (brown of course, just like Eddie's), a blue corduroy dunggaree, 5 pairs of socks and a winter hat with 'superman' on it for Izani.
A pair of denim dunggarees with flowers on it, 2 matching long sleeved t-shirts, and some flowery rubber bands for Anis.
A black jeans with Transformers on it for Ihsan.
A khaki-army printed pants for Ilham which turned out to be too short for him, so it's going to be Ihsan's.

SR250 worth of clothes for me.
2 spaggeti straps to be layered with one long sleeve t shirt.
And one black wool jacket that now I think make me look pregnant and fat so I'm prolly gonna return tomorrow.

Still much cheaper than what a plane ticket and a hotel room would cost.

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