Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Taufik is leaving for Dubai this afternoon. He has a meeting tomorrow and it ends so late in the afternoon that he will miss the last flight out, so he would have to stay another day and could only come home on Friday.
I am pouting because:

1. He's not bringing us along.
But actually that's not such a big deal. Coz I dont think a 2-night stay is worth the flight ticket, the hotel room, the cab fare. Plus I wouldnt know what to do. I dont want to be stuck in the hotel room with the kids. Furthermore, I'm going to save the trip for when Nazrah is there. At least ada gang.

2. He'll be gone for practically the whole weekend.
Last 2 weeks he had a product launch with clients. That meant the week before he had been coming home late preparing for the launch. Then the week of the launch, he had been coming home late coz he had to do his regular work after office hours coz during office hours he is doing the launch, on top of bringing the big bosses out for dinner and such. Then this week a guy from Italy was here and he was busy with that guy and preparing for the meeting this weekend. This all amounted to him having hardly anytime at all for the kids or me. *pout pout pout*

3. I will be stuck with the kids for the whole weekend!
I'm stuck with the kids for the most of the week already. Weekends are usually a respite for me. Weekends are when I could have a few hours to myself and have him entertain whatever the kids are whining about for at least a few hours or even a few minutes. Weekends are when I can let my brain and emotions rest so that I don't explode.

He owes me BIG.
I'm going to bring the kids to the mall on Thursday and I'm going to have me some retail therapy.

tee hee.

p/s Now i feel kinda bad.. ada orang tu, husband dia takde rumah berbulan-bulan, takdelah complain camni, kan? Ni husband takde 2 hari pun , complain lebih-lebih lak... :P


  1. elisa :-) *senyum baca entry ni*
    somehow reading the entry - i smiled to myself. And i do feel sorry for u too....but like u say laa, go for that retail theraphy--byk tu boutiqe berjenam di sana!

    if ever u want to come - pls let me know. LiL and I will be very happy to host you. you can stay with need to go for hotel lah. agi pun sini hotel rates so so very mahal...

    bila nazrah datang?


  2. Idham - senyum to yourself because you pernah kena tinggal, or you selalu tinggalkan?
    heh heh

    Kalau tak silap, nazrah said she'll be there as soon as the DSF starts.. so Jan 24th lah kan?

    I dont know when we'll be able to go to Dubai, but sure, if we do, we'll try to arrange a meeting of the two families!!
    Are you sure you're willing to put us up? I have 4 rambunctious kids, you know? You better simpan all your fragile valuables and I will keep my sepit ketams ready to cubit misbehaving little ones..

  3. ye ke Elisa DSF nak start. nanti you gi Dubai , i pun nak muncul kat sana jugak. tiket i kan murah, tapi kena lah 2 mnths earlier book ... maklumlah kena masuk queue.

  4. Kesian Cik Elisa.

    Mine was last week, but now Atok Bush is gone - I have my husband back. Before which, I made Harris colour, paste, cut cards for everyone in the family jsu so I could take 1hour of silence to read/watch tv/munch on a sanwhich/bathe (not in order).

    Bad mummy..I dont think he want to see another colour pencils for the next 1mth.

  5. heheheee.. I cam tu jugak. maklumlah, housewife la katakan... kalau i kerja takpe gak. dah la takleh drive sendiri. kalau boleh drive, at least weekdays boleh gak round jubail yang tak berapa nak menarik ni... naik cab lain feel dia. lagipun, sometimes, i just want him to be around. tak jalan pun takpe. At least dia boleh tengok budak2 yang tengah dok active ni.. I boleh relax sikit heheee

  6. ninuk - it's starting jan 24th. Tapi I tak pegi kot.. Taufik berpegang kuat pada prinsip "Membeli Hanya Bila Perlu" nya. ha ha
    I dont know when I'll be going to dubai, and tak tahu whether I'll know in 2 months. Tapi kalau I pegi, most prolly pegi naik kereta, and sekali harung berjalan ke Oman or somewhere.. :)

    Swahili - you baru sorang, bolehlah guna distraction method. My kids have short attention span and sorang distracted, sorang nak attention.. the only time I have to myself is if I let them go out and play. In this cold weather I feel bad for chasing them out of the house. :(

    Neeza - I ahvent decided whether to take the bus or the cab, coz it depends on which mall we're going to. One mall is 'happening' (ada debenhams) but takde restaurant best. The mall yang ada restaurant best tak hapenning sangat lak...

  7. very leceh kan if the husband is not always around and we are cooped up with the kids all day/week/month long...sheesh!

    mom needs break too!


  8. jagung5:03 AM

    i langsung tak de husband!

    langsung tak complain pun!


  9. elisa,camana? you dah bershopping kat debenhams ke? banyak borong? i tak pernah pergi pun situ. rasanya mall kat khobar mahal sangat la barang2...

  10. KC - hey thanx for dropping by :)
    Actually, dulu2 masa Taufik kerja offshore, takde lah complain bila kena tinggal.. heh heh sekarang ni aje manja lebih lebih.. kih kih

    Jagung - lucky mung!
    Senang kan, bila single.. nak belanja duit pun tak payah report2 kat finance department.

    Neeza - the kids wanted to eat at Fuddruckers (sebab boleh makan cheese sauce sebanyak diorang nak) so we went to Rashid Mall instead. Mothercare&Bhs tengah sale!! and I bought so many clothes for them :(
    I hope taufik tak pengsan tengok credit card bill bulan nih. erks :P

  11. Elisa, really? Someone told me kalau Mothercare sale, memang murah g*l@ b@b*.. hahahaa.. sampai bila sale tu?