Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Super Sven

As you know, i like to watch TV.
I prefer to watch reality shows nowadays though. Not just the game/competition shows, but also the nature shows, the diy shows.
BBC has a lot of shows for the gardening enthusiasts. I'm not really good at gardening, but I like to watch how they design and build and tend to a garden. I find it very interesting and inspiring (even though out of the 3 plants I had tried to raise in the past 2 months, one of them have died).

Anyways, let me introduce you to a gardening guru that I really like:
Sven Wombwell.

I really like his style of gardening. He usually incorporates your lifestyle and he usually looks at what grows well around your area and incorporates them in your garden. His designs are usually very functional, and what I like is, they are usually very organic. It blends well into the background, i.e. your garden won't look too weird.

His website (above) doesnt have much info (very very little), but you can read and see more of his works on the website created for his book, Lifescapes.

I think he's a wonderful and thoughtful garden designer, and plus it doesnt hurt that he's very easy on the eyes. In fact, at certain times I think he looks a bit like brad.

happy surfing :)

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