Tuesday, May 08, 2007

paranormal panties

I had been kinda spooked these past few days.

It started when I couldnt find my panties where I had left it. (Don't ask me where, how or when. You don't want to know). I was boggled. I couldnt find it anywhere! Granted that they were black and lacy and kinda pretty and they were my favourite, but other than that, I don't see anything special about it. It didnt have any special powers (except on a certain person)(tee hee). I see no reason why anyone would be interested in stealing them. And I don't live in a zoo an animal sanctuary like nonah did, so no animal could really sneakily run away with it.

Then I read the blab's ghost stories. aiyoh...!

Then while I was watching TV while breastfeeding Izani, the TV switched off on its own! I laid there frozen, staring at the remote which was sitting on the arm of the sofa, half-expecting to see an invisible hand pick it up.
When that didnt happen, I shook myself out of it, and turned the TV back on.

The next day it happened again! And the same thing. I was alone with Izani watching garden invaders, and the remote was on the floor (right side up, so no chance of the off button being activated by the weight of the remote) (can you tell that I had been analyzing this?), and suddenly *poof*, the TV went blank, the green 'ready' light went on. Izani did a little complain whine (Coz he really likes the garden invaders theme song with the piccolo or flute thing going on), so I turned the TV back on, with a spooky nagging feeling in my stomach.

This morning while trying to watch Martha, and I say 'trying' because Izani was playing with the remote and keep changing the channels and muting the sound and fooling around with the size of the screen, I discovered something interesting.
Izani had pressed the 'sleep' button, and the sleep icon appeared with a number 7 next to it.
7 minutes later, the TV switched off on it's own.
There you go! I have solved the mystery!
It wasnt some poltergeist disgruntled by my viewing choices, but a very curious baby!
woo hoo!

and my panties?
I found it in the wash yesterday.
It's just a pair-o-normal panties afterall.


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