Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bicara di malam hari (Night Conversations)

This meme started here.

Him: Dah lembut dah? (has it softened?)
Me: Tak pun.. keras lagi! (Not at all.. it's still stiff!)
Him: Apsal keras lagi? (Why is it still stiff?)
Me: memang cam tu kot (Maybe it's just the way it is)
Him: Beli mahal-mahal.. (I even bought the expensive kind)
Me: memang patut keras kot.. so that boleh buat tajam kat atas tu (Maybe it's supposed to be stiff, so that you can make that pointy bit on top)
Him: *stands in front of the mirror* Macamana nak pakai, ek? (How do I wear this?)
Him: *adjusts the thingy* cam ni? (Like this?)

Me: ha ha! macam makcik lah. Letak kot lain.. (Ha ha ! You look like an old lady. wear it the other way)
Him: *changes things around* cam ni? (Like this?)
Me: sekarang nampak macam muttawa lah pulak (Now you look like a muttawa)
Him: arrghhhh... kat rig nanti pakai ajelah cam ni *wraps everything around his face* janji tak panas. (Arghh I'll just wear it like this when I go to the rig, just to keep me from the heat)
Me: jangan orang ingat terrorist sudah... (as long as they don't think you're a terrorist..)

Don't get the wrong idea... we were talking about this:

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