Monday, May 21, 2007

Ilham is 9

I can't believe my boy is 9.
Dayum.. the first time I gave birth was 9 years ago? Already??

I feel so owwwllllddddddddd!!
I feel like the crypt keeper!!

oh but this post is not about me.

Ilham is going to have a birthday party on Thursday.
When he requested for a party, I told him that if he wanted one, he'd have to plan it himself.
So that's what he did.
He picked a date (Thursday 24th May).
He picked a theme (Soccer)
He thought of games (Hot soccer ball, Head or Catch, and Kick the Ball into the Goal)
He thought of the menu (Chocolate cake, ice cream, nuggets, fries, pepsi) (I've changed it to Cake, ice cream, nuggets, egg sandwiches, assorted fruits and fruit juice)
He made the invitations (I helped look for the image).
He asked his dad to print them out (I limited it to 8. tee hee!). He made a guest list and distributed the invitations. He followed up with his friends.

I got to do the fun part! I got to shop for stuff!
I bought white paper bags (we're gonna stamp stuff on it and Ilham's gonna write "Thanx for coming to my party, from Ilham"). I bought wafers and candy. I bought small bouncy balls (9 for SR7!). I bought some eggs that has a surprise toy innit (24 for SR15!). I bought balloons. Bought a goal post for the games (on sale, SR15).
I bought cake mix and is gonna make dark chocolate cake with 7-minute frosting. Bought 5 boxes of nuggets (the chuck in the oven kind). Bought 2 cartons of juice-in-a-box.
Bonda dia pulak excited. tee hee!

A few months ago we told him that if he finishes reading one 'real' book OR manages to memorize 10 surahs from the last chapter of the Qur'an, we'd buy him a new bike. He had taken a stab at Artem1s F0wl, but felt it was too overwhelming. He then borrowed RL Stein's Goosebumps from the library and finished it, and furthermore, he also already memorized 7 surahs, so we thought he deserved a new bike. Last weekend we went to the store and he picked it out himself. I think it looks pretty cool!

Happy Birthday Ilham!

p/s and Happy Birthday to Ilham's 'godfather', The Elusive Mr. R!! err .. how old are you ya? very the tua already... tee hee..!

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