Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Returner

I updated Izani's blog with his 13th Month Progress today.
Do check it out if you're interested.
I included videos of him walking and talking. well, at least of him trying to.

Moving on from one cutie boy to another..
Last night I caught The Returner or The Ritana.
I've heard of this movie before, but didnt recognize it the first few minutes. Until they cut to the scene where this guy in a black leather trenchcoat started shooting people and then they slowly revealed his face.
I had to stifle a shriek of delight!
Takeshi Kaneshiro woo hoo!!!

Picture from www.henshionline.com

Storyline-wise, I thought it was pretty okay. Typical sci-fi anime kinda stuff. Girl travels from the future to save the world and gets reluctant cute bad guy to help her.
But the execution, man.. it was superb.
There was a bit of CGI used (very nice) and I think animatronix for the aliens (which looked kinda lame to me) and there was a lot of good framing of live action stuff. There was a lot of matrix-like slow-mo shots, but not to the extent of it looking like The Matrix, even though Takeshi did wear a long black leather trenchcoat with black shirt and pants for almost the whole movie. (very nice look. I'm seriously thinking of getting my husband an outfit like this. tee hee)
There were scenes that I could definitely see in a hand-drawn anime, like that scene in the rain (I wont tell you what scene, coz it'd spoil the movie for you).
And this scene...

Yummy picture from www.moviezilla.org

... just brings back a lot of memories of zaman bercinta with Taufik.. ;)

p/s oLaB, gewe demo ado macae meh-meh dio ni dok?
p/p/s somehow the girl reminds me of nutty. entah apsal lah...

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