Sunday, May 06, 2007

fofesional blogger

what the hell ???

The Mal@ysian Information Minister wants bloggers to be classified as 'professional' and 'non-professional'.

perlu ke?

He says that "professional bloggers were those who were more responsible in ensuring that their web content was based on truth and not mere rumours ... This classification will also facilitate any action to be taken against those found to have violated the country’s laws ... this was important in enabling the people to determine whether they could trust a certain matter and whether the blog content was the truth or a rumour that could cause discomfort or undermine unity"

get real, lah datuk. Takkan tak habis habis lagi fikir orang melayu ni lembab dan bodoh sampai tak boleh nak berpikir sendiri.
Apa guna belajar bahasa kedua, dorong supaya bijak I.T., kempen untuk minat membaca, jika rakyat dihalang untuk membuka minda?
Adakah teknologi ini semata-mata untuk melayari laman2 p0rno dan ber-chatting irc dan berkongsi resepi masak lemak cili apa sahaja?

I think it is more pertinent to classify readers.
Professional readers are those that can think on their own.
Non professional readers are those that need classifications to tell them whether to believe what they read or not. Maybe you should tell them not to read at all while you're at it.

when oh when will they leave us be?

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