Monday, May 28, 2007

Public Service Announcement

YM hacks

Do you now that people can hack into your yahoo account?

If you start seeing strange YM messages from your YM friend asking you to click on a link or something:

1. Don't click on the link.. *duh*

2. Send them a message (email or sms or other messaging services) asking them to change their passwords a.s.a.p.!

3. Ask your friend to watch out for the same signs for your account or their YM friends.

Online Qur'an

I found a great online Qur'an site:

It has a program that displays the qur'an and its english translation, and it has audio of the qur'an recitation, AND its english translation.

Tres cool!

Especially when you want to listen to the verses and its translation while doing something else *cough*blog*cough*.

Travel Guides

I've been pouring through Yahoo!Travel these past few days. Lots of information, but very very useful. Lotsa pictures too.

It also has a travel planner, where you can pick itineraries and add it into your 'trip' and review and adjust as you please. Makes planning much easier, especially if you're going on your own and not with a tour agency.

If you choose, you can also update the travel journal for your trip, sorta like a blog for your trip.

I wish I had found this before I went to Jakarta.. then I could've recorded everythng on time and not forget stuff like I had now.. :P

that's all for today, folks!

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