Saturday, May 19, 2007


Please don't laugh at me.

I've been without internet connection since Thursday morning.
The LAN icon was gone from the toolbar (which should've been an indication had I not been so rusty), and one of the lights on the modem was not on.
I checked the power, the connections, all was OK.
I took the phone and tried the phone line which the modem was connected to and confirmed that it was working.
I figured the internet was down for some reason.
I tried calling the network guy but he was off.
Then it was friday, so I couldnt do anything.
Today I tried again and he was still not around.
At around 4 i managed to talk to someone, who forwarded the complaint to another technician.
I described the problem to the guy.
I described the modem lights.
He asked me to check the network setting by clicking on the LAN icon.
I told him the LAN icon was not there.
He said "then your LAN is disabled, just enable it back" (Yeah I know the grammar is wrong, but he's an ar@b)
I almost banged my head on the table.
So I went to control panel, clicked on network, and lo and behold.. it was disabled.
I enabled it, and lo and behold, I have my internet connection again.
*bangs my ehad on the table for real*
I felt so stupid for not trying this earlier.

Please don't laugh at me.

we will resume our regular programming tomorrow.

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