Friday, May 25, 2007

Ilham's Birthday Party

I don't know why I thought that having 10 boys in a house as small as mine would be a good idea.

It was havoc.

I was running behind, so I was in the kitchen most of the time.

Taufik was busy entertaining the parents who hung around for the party.

and Ilham. cannot. control. his. friends.

They played soccer outside for a bit. For what felt like 5 minutes.

Then they went upstairs to the boys' room. They had a pillow fight. A boy barricaded 2 other boys in the closet. One boy tried to jump from the top of the chest of drawers to the bed. The took the legs off of Izani's baby gym and used them as swords.

Suffice to say, they didnt play any party games.

I tried to bring them outside again. And told Ilham to entertain his friends, but Ilham was too distracted by the boxes of presents. (If he was distracted then, you can just imagine how he was after he opened the presents and saw the stuff that was inside!)

After we cut the cake, and one of the boys went home, the kids finally settled down coz Ihsan decided to show them linerider.

Most of the kids went home by 5:30pm. Some parents stuck around for a chat till around 6pm. Sharlee and Hatta stuck around till about 8pm and we chatted and chatted while having tea and leftover sandwiches.

Sharlee's moving to London by end of July. I'm gonna miss her alot. And my kids are really gonna miss her kids. I am cheering myself up by planning a trip to London! tee hee.

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