Monday, May 14, 2007

Bahrain - in a weekend

Last weekend we went to Bahrain.
Farah had told us that the B@hrain N@tional Museum had brought some egyptian artifacts including Tut@nkhamun's mummy for a limited time display. Since we had cancellled our plans to visit Egypt during the last easter break, we thought this would be a good compensation for the kids.
Farah also just got back from delivering her 2nd baby, so we also took this opportunity to visit her and her new baby girl.
Since B@hrain's weekend start on a Friday instead of a thursday like ours, we decided to go on a Thursday, visit the museum, spend a night there at Sm1th's service apartment and visit Farah on friday morning before Friday prayers.

Kak F and family joined us for this trip. Before heading for the museum, she brought us to a cultural baazar held by the embassies in B@hrain. I got to meet the Malaysian ambassador's wife, Datin Nor, and we got to browse around the stalls from other countries. I didn't buy anything, but Ihsan bought an egyptian ruler (not the kind that rules the country, the kind that draws straight lines) ha ha :laugh: .

We then headed for the museum, which was quite easy to find. Unfortunately we found out that King Tut's mummy was not there, but they did have quite a number of egyptian artifacts, like statues, busts, coffins, burial masks, jewellery and even a bed and toilet. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, so we only took pictures outside the exhibition.

Ilham & Ihsan with akhenaten

After solat asar we headed for the local displays and got to see the B@hrain culture. It was quite interesting, and similar to other arab cultures I have seen on TV.

ilham looking at a display of kids in a traditional school

After solat maghrib, we headed for dinner at Ponderosa, which offered a huge buffet spread for just SR38 for adults (SR19 for kids). Suffice to say I stuffed myself silly with food. To make us (me) feel less guilty about over-indulging ourselves (myself), we brought the kids to a fun fair next door. The kids had a blast playing on bouncy castles, bumper cars and this contraption that was a combination of a trampolene and bungee cords.
We then went to a service apartment that Sm1th rented for employee use. It was quite a nice apartment with 3 rooms (ample beds for 2 families and their kids). The parents took 2 rooms, all the girls slept in the last room and all the boys hung out in the living room.

The view from my bedroom window

Ilham came into my room at 1am to ask Taufik whether it was time to go to the swimming pool.
All the kids woke up around 6am and pestered us to bring them to the pool to swim, so after brushing their teeth and changing into their swimming trunks, we hauled hauled all my kids and 2 of Kak F's kids into the elevator to the rooftop, where the swimming pool is.
The sun had started to heat up the roof, but the water was still kinda cold, but the kids couldnt care less. Izani stayed in the jacuzzi with Taufik though.

izani at the pool

The kids splashed around until I couldnt stand the heat anymore (Which was maybe, like, an hour and a half). We all went back down to the apartment. Everyone showered and changed. The boys decided to go back up, to the gym this time, while Taufik went out to buy some light breakfast.

The kids giving ABC a massage

After breakfast we headed for Farah's place, where we were presented with a sumptuous brunch of pancakes, strawberries, quiche and croissants. Farah's new baby, Hanna, was so cute! And she was such an angel.. I don't think I heard her cry for a total of more than 5 minutes the entire 4 hours we were there. Too bad the outfit I had bought her were too small for her. I had forgotten that Hanna came out at 4.2kg! Nanti Auntie Elisa beli baju lain, okay?
The guys then headed for Friday prayers, by foot! Ilham came home all red and pooped out from the heat. We then had yummy briyani for lunch, and we headed home while Kak F and ABC went back to Manama for some shopping.

It was a jam-packed weekend, but it was good family fun!
and, Ilham can no longer complain and whine about the cancelled egypt trip... tee hee!

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