Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pengasuh Mek Fi, Gunung Patah-belakang, Rempuh

Translation: Pengasuh= Nanny, Gunung= Mountain, Patah=Broke, Belakang= Back, Rempuh= Crash.

Thanx to my dad and my siblings, I managed to watch the above movies these past few weeks, and at least 2 of them, in full.

Pengasuh Mek Fi

We watched this movie as a family 2 weekends ago and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The kids guffawed at the naughty children’s antics while I dreamt of getting myself that magic walking stick (or at least some sort of help) and prayed that my kids don’t ever get to tie anyone up on the kitchen table.
We were captivated throughout the movie. Ilham, particularly, was so engrossed in it, that when the kids in the movie asked their dad Mr. Brown whether he loved Evangeline, Ilham burst out “Say Yes! say Yesssss!”, clenching his two fists tightly and watched the screen with such an expression of hope that Taufik and I couldn’t help laughing.
I only cried once: when C0lin F1rth ran after the carriage begging for his daughter not to be taken away.

Gunung Patah-Belakang

I didn’t get to finish watching this movie because the copy was really bad that towards the middle the images and sounds were breaking up. I only got to the part where Ennis got divorced, and even then, some bits in between were lost to me.
With all the hype surrounding it, I already knew what the movie was basically about, and watched it with an open mind, and tried to watch it like it was any other love story (coz that’s what Ang L33 wanted it to be seen as).
After watching only about an hour (before the images went kaput), I can’t help but feel that it was more of a lust story than a love story. Somehow the ‘love’ part was either not conveyed properly, or maybe it was never there.
Their first physical contact was too rushed, too ‘physical’ and lack emotional attachment that I didn’t understand how it happened at all. I expected more tenderness, more touchy-feely kinda relationship (first), or at least something that might indicate that they did fall in love with each other before they got physical. Having them go physical before they got emotionally attached somehow debased their relationship, and the story. I have never witnessed a g4y relationship blossom, but I’m sure that there’s more to it than just physical/s3xual attraction.
I haven’t watched the whole movie till the end, so maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe that’s what the story is all about.
From what I’ve seen so far, I think that Jack might be in love, but I think Ennis was more in it for the piece of the assaction. Because or else, they would’ve found a way to be together, move to L.A. or something, instead of trying to put up the whole charade.
Meh.. maybe I should hold my opinion till after I’ve watched the whole thing properly, eh?
My favourite scene so far was when Jack was driving away and he looked at Ennis walking away in his rearviewmirror. I thought that was such a touching scene. (Or maybe coz I know how it feels coz I’ve caught Taufik looking at me while he was driving away a coupla times too)
And Jake Gyllenh4ll is a superb actor.. I think he’s even better than He4th.


I really liked this movie, though I hated the language. Do people really talk with a lot of expletives in real life? I remember when I was in college, the only people who insert a swear word in every sentence they spoke were freshmen. drunk freshmen.
Anyways. I thought the movie was very very interesting. I found myself predicting what will happen next (based on my own prejudices) and is often pleasantly suprised when I am wrong. But there were also moments when I found that I was right, and felt a little dissapointed..
My favourite scene is when that little girl saved his dad. Damn. Both my mom and I gasped in horror, then relief, then I got a little teary eyed (i didnt check whether my mom cried or not).
and did I detect a little something going on between Brendan Fr4sier and his assistant?
And ugly as he is, I wanna hug D0n Che4dle.
I'm gonna watch this again.
Weirdly enough, this copy was clear and distortion free.. (Thanx Pa)

Note: The last 2 movies were watched without my kids around, and I made Anis play with the computer or go take a shower.

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