Wednesday, May 24, 2006

AI 2006: Final 2

Kat was, as usual, stunningly beautiful today, but unfortunately it takes more than perky b00bs to win the competition (in my opinion). I thought her repeat performence of Black Horse Cherry Tree was so-so, and not as spectacular as the first time we saw it. I wasnt suprised that she picked to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow again, and she did a good job of it. Her downfall, to me, was when she performed My Destiny. She came off really amateurish, and she lost all control of her voice towards the end. I think she was trying too hard to do vocal acrobatics and lost it, like she is wont to do in her previous performences.

Taylor, on the other had, exuded professionalism. Each and every one of his performence was world class. I thought he totally rawked with Leavin For the City, and the only thing lacklustre about Levon was the song (I always found the song a bit boring, I thought he sang it pretty well.). I totally loved Make You Proud. He really outshone Kat then.

Now, I just hope that the voters see that, and not just be bedazzled by Kat's beauty.

Was there a girl in a headscarve in the audience when they showed Ben Stiller?

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