Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ilham is 8 today!

Today is Ilham's 8th Birthday, so we made a doll of him together. He chose the outfit and we chose the features together. I started out with Taufik's doll and amazingly he recognized that the doll looked like his ayah :). Each time I would changed a feature, I'd ask him, "Does this look like you?".
Anyways, here's what Ilham looks like as a doll:
elouai's doll maker 3

So how has he progressed in the past year?
1. He has improved his English a lot. He speaks more english than malay now. He also speaks in a mixture of accents.. english and american (shich sunflora labelled as 'canadian' ha ha).
2. He has improved his Math, a lot!
3. He has learnt to ride a bicycle on his own.
4. He has learnt how to rollerblade, with the help of his father.
5. He is more patient with his siblings (but sometimes he still gets a bit frustrated with them).
6. He has the confidence and knowledge to handle money, he just needs to learn to value money.
7. He is more confident with himself, especially when expressing his opinions.
8. He takes a bigger part in household chores and does it willingly (i.e. vacuum and wash dishes and take out the garbage).
He still needs his brother to 'teman' him to the toilet and he can't sleep alone, though.. we need to work on that.

Taufik offered to buy him an ice-cream cake, but he wanted a chocolate cake, so I decided to bake him one. I already baked the cake in the morning, later I'm gonna make some whipped cream topping and put on chocolate sprinkles and spell his name out with mini marshmallows :)


Edited to add:
Happy Birthday to 'bapak-tak-larat-angkat' Ilham - The Elusive Mr. R !! Happy .. hm.. 33rd(?) Birthday! (Ilham was born on his birthday)
And Happy Belated Birthday to Zharif too!! (macamana auntie boleh lupa nih..?) Zharif is now 2 years old!

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