Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How do you know?

oh would you tell me, I wanna know
how can you tell if he loves me so?

How do you know if your husband really loves you?

If it's by the amount of gifts he bestows you, then I'm screwed. Coz i seldom get gifts. I used to get flowers on birthdays, but nowadays I don't even get them anymore. Forget about jewellery. He has stopped buying me those aeons ago. In fact the last gift I got was a watch. I can't remember when I got them. Last year, I think. Lingerie? *laughs* fergeddit.
So when he stops buying you gifts, does that mean he's stopped loving you?

Is it in his eyes? The way he looks at you? The way he steals looks at you?
Would it mean that when he doesnt notice what you're wearing, that he doesnt love you?

Is it in his words? Is saying "I love you" everyday enough to make you believe?
If he doesnt do that, what does it mean?

Is it in the way he supports you? Like if he pays the bills, then you don't even need to question where his heart lies?

Or maybe the way he helps you? If he mops the floor, cleans the house.. that should make you feel special?

it's in his kiss
really? So if he has stopped kissing you, or if he doesnt kiss you the way he used to, does it mean that his feelings have changed?

Maybe just being loyal should be enough? That he does not cheat on you, or look or even think of another woman, you should feel assured that he loves you?
Who needs diamonds when he's there all the time?

Don't I deserve the whole package?

meh.. I don't know where this post is going.

maybe I'm in post-partum something.

when I fell better.

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