Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Baby Boom, Unexpected Reunions and Baby Sitting

Baby Boom

I don't know if it's something in the water, or it's the weather, or what, but most of the M'sian ladies who recently located here are/were expecting.
I just gave birth 6 weeks ago, and day before yesterday one of the other ladies gave birth to a baby girl. There's this lady who just moved from Q@tar who's due in August. We found out 2 months ago that 2 other ladies are expecting. And I just found out last week that the lady who leads and guides us in our weekly Quran recital sessions is also expecting!
(Gee, maybe it's a sign for you!)
Izani's going to have lotsa friends to play with :)

Unexpected Reunions

I had two unexpected reunions with old acquaintences in the past few days.

I was transferring my fictional jam from m0dblog to here and discovered that 11 months ago, Kak Su, my roomate when I was in UIUC, had left a comment on one of my posts asking me whether I was who I was. She left an email address, so I emailed her back, half expecting to discover that the address has expired or become inactive due to my lateness in replying. I was glad to instead, get a reply from her on the very next day!! Woo hoo!!

And today, I got an email from Jagung, my roomate when I was 17 in EmmaRessEmm Kuantan (actually, we've been good friends since we exchanged eyebrow-raising across the dorm building the 2nd day I entered the boarding school. We were good together,"Jagung and Joe"). She somehow found me through g00gle or something, and then got my email address from dory (thanx, luv). I was so excited when I saw her name in my Inbox. I sent her a huge hug via email coz I have missed her so much. So we're now catching up.

In both of the emails, we updated on what's going on in our lives and what we've become. Kak Su works in IT, and Jagung is working as an editor for a publisher. It amazes me how we have ambitions and for some reason life steers us in different paths. I told Kak su how my friend in UIUC is now a Professor and i'm.. well, a housewife. Jagung would be the last person I thought would be an editor coz she had so wanted to be a gynae when we were in school. I think people were expecting me to be an editor or writer of some sorts.
But as I told Kak Su, different people are blessed in different ways. I may not have achieved fame for my engineering feats but when I look at my children's faces, I do feel a sense of achievement, and fullfilment. I am sure Kak su and Jagung find their satisfaction and fullfilment in different ways too, ways that I may be lacking in. :)

I am looking forward to renewing my ties with them! :D :D

Baby Sitting

I'm in a dillema about letting my older kids babysit Izani.
Even though I appreciate the assistance, I worry because they get too courageous and adventurous with the baby sometimes.
I don't ask them to carry the baby around, coz I know for sure they can't do that, so usually I just ask them to watch him, make sure the baby don't roll over and off the couch or bed or something and to call me if Izani wakes up and start to wail.
But they insist on picking him up, without my knowledge!

The other day I heard Izani cry while I was in the shower, and when I came out, Anis has him lying on her tummy (on the bed) and she was rolling and rocking left and right and saying "baby gemuk, it's okay its okay" (gemuk=fat). I wanted to scream in fright coz she might roll over on top of him, but I caught myself (coz I don't want to completely scare her off looking after her baby brother .. tee hee). So I told her sternly that next time she should not pick up her brother but should call me, because Izani *is* gemuk and would be too heavy for her.
She said okay, but the next time she outran me and got to the baby before I did, she had almost got off the bed with him. Oh horrors!!

Ihsan is a little more careful with the baby. He would only have Izani if he was sitting up on the couch, and the baby is lying across his lap. Even then, he would hold the baby tight (coz I told him to). Sometimes he'd ask to let him feed Izani and even though I taught him to not force the bottle and to take it out if Izani starts coughing or choking, I still don't dare to leave him alone with the baby.

Ilham would be the most adventurous. The other day I had left Izani downstairs in the car seat coz he was still asleep and I went upstairs to change, and when I came out of my room, Ilham had brought Izani upstairs (still in the carseat though). I don't dare imagine what would've happened if Ilham had tripped on the stairs with the heavy carseat.

All this is on top of the numerous cuddling, smooching, smothering and hugging that Izani gets from his 3 elder siblings, almost around the clock, until i shoo them away coz the baby needs his sleep.
I am proud that the older ones love the baby so much that they want to constantly take care of it, but sometimes I want them to keep a distance, for safety reasons.
I found that the only time they'd be scampering away from the baby is when he had pooped a huge pile and needs to be changed!

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