Sunday, May 21, 2006

For Adam, Aiysha and Aliya

Mokciknab's kids requested stories on my kids.

Ilham wrote a letter to me the other day.
Dear Bonda,
Just now I heard Ayah say a bad word. He said bullsh1t on the phone. Please scold him because I know bullsh1t is a bad word.

Then he drew a small 'wanted' poster with Taufik's face on it, and a caption 'For saying bullsh1t' underneath.

Ihsan announced that he had invented a new weapon. It's called a "Spender Gun" (spender=briefs, underwear). He said it's just like a rubberband sling.
So his father suggested that he bring it to school for Show and Tell (his class has show and tell every wednesday). So we discussed how he should do the show and tell. Start with showing the spender and asking his audience "Do you know what this is?". Taufik suggested that if somebody doesn't know, then Ihsan should aim the gun at the person. But Ilham came up with a better idea. He said "Or you can ask, Can I have a volunteer?".
We pictured Ihsan standing in front of the class with his green underwear that has a picture of an excavator on the front, explaining to his friends how his Spender Gun works. We also tried to imagine Mrs. Snieder's face. We laughed so hard we almost choked on our rice.

Anis was reading Sunflora's daughter's ABC book and she was going
"L, for Lion. M for Monkey. N, for .. Telur!"
Next to N was a picture of a Nest, and Telur=Egg.

We were halfway to Riyadh and the kids were sleeping when I suddenly heard a continuous "k k k" sound coming from the back seat. I turned around and found that Anis was awake and was practising making her "k" sounds.

Today is Ilham's birthday, but I'll blog about that later.
I updated Izani's progress.

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