Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't get me wrong ...

.. I love my mom.
And I know that she loves me, because or else, she wouldnt have travelled so far to come and take care of me.
If I ever felt that I'm being sidelined by her paying more attention to my other siblings, it's only because she knows that I can take care of myself, and don't need her to dote on me all the time. (Which makes me wonder, if I were a little more whiny and pretend I am hopeless and useless and incompetent, would I get more tender loving care?)

And I know that she doesnt mean to nag.. it's just that she's from Venus and venusians just have this need to regurgitate everything that goes on in their minds. She just have the need to tell somebody. And that somebody just happens to be me, at the moment.
It's just that sometimes during the 'conversation' (and I use the term loosely coz it's usually her doing all the talking and I would just go "hm" and "uh, yeah" and "i don't know lah ma..."), i think in her mind, I would transform into the person she's talking about and her tone would change and suddenly I start to feel like I'm the one who did something wrong, or the one who needs correction/advice. That's when i get a little peeved...

But other than that, I really appreciate it that she's here, coz at least there's one extra person to pay attention to my attention seeking/deprived kids and i don't get a headache everytime 3 o=clock comes and I hear the school bus and then the doorbell and the screams of "Bondaaa......look what Ilham/Ihsan did!!" ...


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