Saturday, May 13, 2006

DownUnder=ok, middleEast=so-so, husband=blurr

I got back into my jeans yesterday.
and without the aid of any girdles or corsets of any kind, if I may add..
I think this calls for a little "Yay!" :D
Verdict: my butt is still the same size (if the jeans have not stretched while it was in the closet), but my tummy area still needs a bit of work. Its a bit .. erm.. geleber (soft). I never had hard-rock-abs in the first place, but hey.. I can work on it, can't I?

So I wore my jeans proudly when I greeted Taufik at the door. He asked me to help take in the groceries.
I paraded it while preparing dinner in the kitchen and but he was too pre-occupied with transferring the rice from the gunny sack into the rice bin.
I wore it during dinner and while we watched F1.
Finally I gave up, and changed back into my comfortable track pants.

:| *sigh*

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