Monday, October 01, 2007

Ihsan and Taufik

I wanted to post this earlier, but Ihsan wanted Nasi Lemak for his birthday dinner, so I spent most of the morning splitting ikan bilis (please remind me to buy ready-split ikan bilis next time), which took longer than usual because I had to entertain Izani in-between. In the afternoon I had to make Panna Cotta (again) and then prepare for iftar.


If there's one thing these two men in my life have, it's their common passion for gardening/farming. When we were at our orchard in Alor Setar, Kedah the last time we went back to Malaysia, Taufik didnt run out of things to do for even a minute. Ihsan would follow close behind him to ask "What can I do?", and Taufik would oblige him.

Below is a picture of them cutting down old banana trees and trimming the leaves off the ones that still have not bear fruit. I was shocked at first, that Taufik would let Ihsan handle a handsaw, but I watched Ihsan use it and was assured of his ability to handle one with strength and safety. He even had that little cowboy hat to protect his head from the sun! :) He is truly growing up so fast.

hard at work, but enjoying themselves

Taufik .. *sigh*, what else can I gush about him? He's filling out a bit (maybe due to my constant cooking? ;) ) but I still think he looks hot. I think he has reached most of the goals he had set for himself when he was younger. I am really proud of him, and he may have a few chinks here and there, but I think I've known and loved him long enough to see them as charming rather than annoying.


Happy 36th Birthday, Taufik, and Happy 8th Birthday, Ihsan!


  1. happy birthday to your 2 boys...:)

    yg kecik tu semoga membesar menjadi anak yang baik dan yg besar tu semoga he aged gracefully under your feedings and love...hihhihii....

  2. i ada gak pokok pisang depan rumah i ... cukup untuk sesi membakar ikan gitu-gitu ... may years to come are more blessed !

  3. waaah...congratulations bonda!!

    gagah perkasa sang raja dan puteranya diberi makan tuan permaisuri.

    Happy birthday boys!

  4. happy bday uncle Taufik.. Happy bday abang Ihsan.. :)

  5. So Taufik is a Libran (and Ihsan too).

    Libran men are jack of all trades, AND, master of some.

    Passionate, compassionate, utterly romantic, in their own ways.

    Long live Librans!!!

  6. Happy birthday boys!

    Dear, I tak sedar pun u're back on blogspot. Haven't been able to access your ef blog for the longest time.

    But hey, good to have u back!

  7. Mas, Amin!! thankyou :)

    ninuk, daun pisang kat sini mahal gilller. Satu ikat 10 ringgit ke gitu.. Pokok pisang kat nursery yang besar sikit SR150!! SO bersyukur ajelah dengan apa yang ada .. :)

    nazrah, cewahhh ... gagah perkasa benarlah, tuan hamba :)

    baby Pasha, thankyouuuuu sweetheart!!! sakit lagi tak, kena cucuk?

    Hans, eceh ceh... you pun Libran eh?? *grin*

    Lion3ss, when efx2 went down, I came straight here (heh heh tak leh tahan lah tak blog..). Sekarang I have two sites - one here, and one at Both would contain the same posts :) Just in case.. :)
    Dah update blog lum?