Monday, October 22, 2007

Finn Finish First in Formula One

Before I post the peanut sauce recipe, I would like to express my jubilations for what hapenned in Brazil yesterday.

I had actually lost hope towards the end of the season. I thought "Maybe next year". But then China happened.. and I actually thought it was going to be Alonso again. But then yesterday.. dayummmm. What a race what a race!!
Even though it was expected that Massa would give way to Kimi, I still had heart palpitations and whooped in pleasure when Kimi passed him coming out of the final pit stop.
Yay for Kimi!!!

tee hee!

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  1. Best sangat2 kan?? But now I hope the FIA doesn't disqualify Rosberg, Heidfeld and Kubica for their fuel temperatures and then push Hamilton into 4th place, which means he gets the title!! Tidaaaaaak!!! No McLaren car or driver deserves a victory this year!!