Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tomorrow is Eid!!


*runs arounds like a chicken without a head*

I was like lepak-ing (lazing around) in front of the TV, confident aje that tomorrow is still going to be Ramadhan, when Taufik got an sms whishing him Eid Mubarak.
So we changed to the channel that airs live footage of prayers in Makkah.
Lo and behold, we hear the words "eid" and "jumaah" and "mubarak" and a few minutes later, the takbir, salutations welcoming the first of syawal.

My kids went "yay!! tomorrow's Raya!!"
and I automatically made a list in my head:
- have to cut chicken
- have to make rendang Tok cikgu munah
- have to boil ketupat
- have to buy peanuts
- have to make peanut sauce
- have to check if kids' clothes fit and needs mending
- have to iron clothes
- have. to. PANICCCCCC!!!!!

(obviously, 'have to blog' came first.. heh heh)

so okay. i dont know whether I'll have time to blog in the next few days since I'll be busy making the obligatory visits to friends houses and stuffing my face with food and food and more food. (heh heh I typed it the other way round at first)

Have fun while I'm away.
Eid Mubarak!!!


  1. tgsherilamirah6:14 AM

    Selamat Hari RAYA!!!

    wish you guys were all back here to celebrate raya so that I can smother anis and izani with lotsa kisses!!hehehhe, c ya soon!!

    p/s: I saw Akiff that day when I went to DNB's house fr Buka Puasa. He is SO Cute!! The boy has lotsa character and gummy gummy smiles, Aaaaaaaaa!~